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February 13, 2003 Meeting Agenda

Below please find the Government Records Council Meeting Agenda for its February 13, 2003 meeting. Also note that immediately upon coming to order, the Council will enter into closed session for legal advice. The public session and consideration of cases is expected to commence at approximately 10:30 a.m. The public session will take place in Room 129 at the Department of Community Affairs

  1. Call To Order (DCA, Room 235A)

    Meeting Notice
    Roll Call

  2. Executive Session (9:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m.)
    The Council will convene Executive Session to seek legal advice regarding cases pending before the GRC.

  3. Reconvene Public Session- 10:30 a.m. (DCA, Room 129)

  4. Call to Order

    a. Pledge of Allegiance
    b. Roll Call

  5. Public Comment*

  6. Approval of Minutes

    a. Public meeting of January 17, 2003
    b. Executive Session of January 17, 2003

  7. Reports

  8. Communications

  9. Old Business

    1. Serrano v. South Brunswick Township (Complaint 2002-33)
      Issue - The County of Middlesex Prosecutor's Office has requested that the GRC stay its opinion that South Brunswick Township release a 911 audiotape pending the outcome of an appeal of the GRC's decision.

  10. New Business

    1. Teeters v. DYFS (Complaint 2002-6)
      Issue - Claimant contends that DYFS' response to claimant's request for records regarding the agency's licensing records concerning an adoption agency was untimely, without explanation of redacted information and incomplete.

    2. Teeters v. DYFS (Complaint 2002-15)
      Issue - Claimant alleges that DYFS did not release all requested records to claimant relating to its investigation into whether an adoption agency falsely advertised it was licensed to perform adoptions in the State of New Jersey.

    3. Durkin v. NJ State Police (2002-30)
      Issue - Claimant has requested access to criminal intelligence records deemed exempt from public disclosure under federal regulation.

    4. Blue v. Township of Wall (2002-47)
      Issue - Should police department documents relating to motor vehicle violations subject to Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes be considered "criminal investigatory records?"

    5. Minuskin v. NJ State Police (2002-88)
      Issue - Should the Department of Transportation disclose valuations for land condemned for rights-of-way until all property needed for a particular right-of-way has been acquired?

  11. Public Comment*

  12. Adjournment

* In the interest of time speakers are limited to five minutes. Speakers with prepared testimony should provide eight (8) copies for the Council and present a summary.

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