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Zeero meets "The Boss"



Singers and Symphonies
April 2002

A Hoboken native helped tie the popular music of the 1940s and '50s to the music of today. Frank Sinatra went from teen idol of the 1940s to legendary status as arguably the most popular singer ever. His 1958 album Only the Lonely became the number 1 best seller and stayed on the charts for 120 weeks. Sinatra's music was a force in the Billboard charts all the way through the '90s when he celebrated his music with stars of today in his Duets albums. Drawing of Frank Sinatra

One of the most famous singers of the early 1900s came from Princeton and attended Rutgers. Paul Robeson became the first soloist to sing a concert of black spirituals in 1925. Robeson, an accomplished student, football player, actor, and political activist, was best known as a singer for his bass-filled rendition of "Ol' Man River" in the play Showboat.

If you prefer instrumental music over singers, check out New Jersey's Symphony Orchestra. If you are interested in getting involved with orchestral music yourself, visit the New Jersey Youth Symphony.

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