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A Berry-filled History

The Cranberry Business Begins

Cranberry Trivia





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The Cranberry Bounce Test

Jaypeg Eating Cranberries


Cranberry Trivia
November 2002

  • John Webb, the first recorded New Jersey grower, was also the first person to notice that good cranberries bounce. Because he had a wooden leg, John couldn’t carry his cranberries down the stairs, so he dropped them instead. He soon noticed that the firmest berries bounced to the bottom but the rotten ones stayed on the steps.

  • The cranberry is one of three fruits native to North America. The other two are the Concord grape and the blueberry.
  • Wild cranberries were probably served at the first Thanksgiving meal.

  • Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and New Jersey are the top three cranberry growers in America. About 10% of the country’s cranberries come from New Jersey.
photo of cranberries
  • If you lined up all the cranberries produced in North America in 2000, they would stretch from Boston to Los Angeles more than 565 times.

  • The first cranberry crop was harvested in 1816 in Massachusetts.

  • Cranberries grow wild in northern states from Maine to Wisconsin and down the Appalachian Mountains to North Carolina.

  • There are 4,400 cranberries in one gallon of cranberry juice.

  • In 1996, the worldwide cranberry harvest produced 40 cranberries for every person on the planet.

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