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Harriet Tubman

William Still

NJ Celebrates the Underground Railroad




Underground Railroad Routes (pdf):

NJ Underground Railroad Routes

US Underground Railroad Routes


NJ Celebrates the Underground Railroad
February 2003

"The Harriet Tubman and William Still Underground Railroad Walk Across New Jersey: Celebrating New Jersey's History and Heroes Every Step of the Way," which took place September 29 through October 13, 2002, highlighted a unique part of the state's history and celebrated the freedom network that operated from Cumberland to Hudson County. Secretary of State Regena Thomas and the staff from the Department of State retraced the 180-mile path the Underground Railroad took across New Jersey.

The journey began in Greenwich's Hancock Harbor, with a symbolic crossing from Delaware to New Jersey. The tour ended with another symbolic crossing from Jersey City to New York City, where participants paused for a moment of silence at the site of the former World Trade Center before visiting the African Burial Ground and the Foley Square Monument.

Actors Millicent Sparks and Marvin Jefferson portrayed Harriet Tubman and William Still, the legendary leaders of the Underground Railroad.

To view photographic coverage of the event, please visit the Web site at www.state.nj.us/state/undergroundrailroad/tour_images/photos.html.

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