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Famous Women Worksheet


March 2003

image of Marie Hilson Katzenbach Throughout her life, Marie Hilson Katzenbach worked to improve education in New Jersey. A member of the State Board of Education for 44 years, she served as president for nine years. Katzenbach worked tirelessly at the New Jersey School for the Deaf, which was renamed in her honor in 1965.
Nellie Morrow Parker became the first African-American public school teacher in Bergen County in 1922. She was hired to teach fifth and sixth grade in the Hackensack public schools. During her early years of teaching, she and her family were subject to criticism by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Knights of Columbus, and to harassment by the Ku Klux Klan. image of Nellie Morrow Parker

For more information on New Jersey Women’s History, please visit the Women’s Project of New Jersey.

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