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Always Wear a Helmet

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Always Wear a Helmet
May 2003

For many of us, bicycling is one of our favorite activities. It allows us to get great exercise, have lots of fun with our friends, and enjoy the outdoors. But one thing we need to remember is that we must ALWAYS wear a helmet when we ride a bicycle. A bicycle crash can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any age, no matter how skilled that rider might be. A properly worn bicycle helmet is designed specifically to help protect our brains, just in case we have a bicycle crash.

The Brainy Bunch is a helmet safety awareness campaign designed by the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey, Inc. to educate the public and raise awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet while bicycling for both children and adults. For fun games and more information and resources on bicycle helmet safety, visit their website at www.brainybunch.info or contact them at the address and phone number below

The Brain Injury Association of New Jersey
825 Georges Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(Phone) 732-745-0200
(Fax) 732-745-0211
(Family Helpline) 1-800-669-4323


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