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Always Wear a Helmet

The Brain

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Bicycle Built for Two

Paper Route

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The Brain
May 2003

Your brain is like a master computer for your body. It controls everything that you do, including thinking, learning, language, and memory. The brain also controls your ability to move, breathe, see, speak, hear, and feel because it sends a signal to that part of your body, telling it what to do.

When your brain is injured, it does not heal like a broken bone would. Unfortunately, your doctor cannot put a cast on your brain. You are born with all the brain cells you will ever have. If you damage them, you cannot grow new ones. This is why it is so important to protect your brain by properly wearing a helmet EVERYTIME you ride your bicycle.

Kids aren’t the only ones who need to always wear a helmet. All adults, even Mom and Dad, should always wear a helmet when they ride their bicycles too. Not only does it set a good example for you, but it also protects their brains. So next time you take a bike ride with your mom and dad, make sure you all have your helmets on!

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