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Nassau Hall
January 2003

The British barricaded themselves in Nassau Hall in the center of Princeton. General Washington and the Americans surrounded the building and shot cannonballs at it. One cannonball left a dent in the building that can still be seen today. According to legend, another cannonball went through a window and decapitated a portrait of King George. The frame was later used to hang a portrait of George Washington.

  drawing of General Cornwallis
General Cornwallis

The British in Nassau Hall surrendered. The Americans killed or wounded over 80 British soldiers. Only 40 Americans were killed or wounded.

Meanwhile, General Cornwallis and his British troops were still in Trenton. When he heard the cannons General Cornwallis realized General Washington had escaped again. General Cornwallis quickly marched to Princeton. When he arrived, General Washington had just left.

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