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New Jersey's U.S. Presidents

Grover Cleveland - Early Career

Grover Cleveland - Presidency

Woodrow Wilson - Early Career

Woodrow Wilson - Presidency



Woodrow Wilson - Early Career
February 2004

Woodrow Wilson's presidency was marked by his leadership in international affairs as well as some major domestic initiatives. In foreign policy, Wilson used American forces to put an end to World War I and developed the idea for a League of Nations. At home, he passed legislation to create the Federal Reserve banks and the Federal Trade Commission and to promote workers' rights.

Wilson was born in Virginia in 1856. He moved north to New Jersey to attend Princeton University, which was then known as the College of New Jersey.There he earned his undergraduate degree. He went on to earn a law degree from the University of Virginia and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. Wilson is the only president with a Ph.D.

  Image of President Woodrow Wilson
President Woodrow Wilson

After finishing his schooling, Wilson became a professor of political science. While working as a professor, he married Ellen Louise Axson in 1885. Wilson taught at many schools and eventually returned to Princeton. His work was highly respected, and he was named president of the university in 1902.

In 1910, Wilson was elected governor of New Jersey. Wilson, a Democrat, followed a progressive platform as governor and earned the presidential nomination in 1912.

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