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Health & Wellness


Health Director

In NJ, camps are required to employ a Health Director who is an adult and is certified in professional-level CPR and first aid by a Department-recognized Agency. The Health Director is required to be always present and available on site.

Camps may also hire a licensed physician, a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing to serve as a Health Director.


Health History and Immunization Records

Each camp is required to ensure that each camper’s health information is documented! Parents and guardians need to be sure to provide the camp with the child’s up-to-date health history and immunization records.  Health histories document potential allergies and other issues of concern important for responding to an emergency. 

Immunizations records can be obtained from your family physician, the NJ Immunization Information System (NJIIS) or you may be able to get the information direct from your child’s school nurse!  These documents help health center staff in assessing your child in the unfortunate case that he/she becomes ill or injured while on-site the youth camp. 

Be sure to provide these documents to your camp. Providing these documents will go a long way in protecting the broader camp community! 


Last Reviewed: 6/1/2021