End Stage Chronic Renal

The End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Patient Assistance Program provides financial reimbursement for formulary-based medications and nutritional supplements for people with ESRD receiving renal dialysis.

Who is eligible?

Eligible New Jersey residents:

  • have a diagnosis of ESRD
  • receive renal dialysis at a facility enrolled in the Renal Disease Patient Assistance Program
  • have an income at or below 300% of the federal poverty guideline
How is assistance provided?

ESRD Medicare approved dialysis facilities apply to receive funds for the patients that they serve. Facility staff assess the eligibility of ESRD patients. If a patient is eligible for the program, the facility follows established procedures to obtain reimbursement for approved patient medications and nutritional supplements.

How can a ESRD facility apply for a grant?

Every year, each existing and new ESRD facility in New Jersey is sent a “participation letter” in which the facility designates continuance, withdrawal, or requests participation in the ESRD Patient Assistance Program. Funds are allocated to each facility based on budget, historical need, requested dollar amounts, and the proven ability of the facility to meet its responsibilities to the grant. Dialysis facilities wishing more information on the program may contact the Trans-Atlantic Renal Council at tphulchand@tarcweb.org

Last Reviewed: 1/11/2023