About Us

The New Jersey Department of Health Children’s Oral Health Program, established in 1981, has a 40-year history of serving the oral health education needs of children throughout the State!

Since 2020, all oral health education programs are offered in BOTH virtual and live formats. It is more important than ever to maintain overall health by learning how to have good oral health.

The Program provides oral health education programs in the school setting on topics such as good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, caries and gum disease processes, fluoride and sealants as  preventive measures for tooth decay, oral injury prevention, healthy food choices, the effects of tobacco and vaping on dental health, and how oral health affects overall health. All presentations are age and grade appropriate. 

In addition, programs are conducted for non-dental professionals including school nurses, public health nurses, teachers, WIC coordinators, medical providers and community health workers. Education initiatives also take place for pregnant women and those working with pregnant women.

Numerous education programs and collaborative partnerships with state and local agencies, departments and organizations have been established and include the following:

  • Fluoride Varnish Pilot Program. The fluoride mouth rinse (FMR) program was discontinued in 2020 because the fluoride product needed is no longer manufactured. If you are a school nurse interested in establishing a Fluoride Varnish program in your school, please contact the COHP regional coordinator for your county (contact us) for details.
  • New Jersey Dental Clinic Directory, "Dial A Smile" is a reference tool that provides a central source of information on public dental clinic services in New Jersey. 
  • Oral health education for children with special needs.
  • "Sugar-Less Day to Prevent Tooth Decay" is a statewide education initiative for students. The program includes oral health education, a poster contest, and oral health information and resources for students, teachers and parents.
  • In conjunction with education programs, participants receive a toothbrush. Oral health kits are provided for special intiative education programs (as supplies are available and last.)


Last Reviewed: 6/10/2024