Tobacco Free for Healthy New Jersey

A statewide, comprehensive tobacco control resource directory that promotes tobacco free living outdoors, at work and at home.


As of November 1, 2017, the legal age for purchasing tobacco products and electronic smoking devices in New Jersey is 21. Raising the minimum age from 19 to 21 helps protect young people from the deadly effects of tobacco use. New Jersey is the third state in the nation to raise the smoking-purchase age to 21 following Hawaii and California. Your participation in raising awareness of the new legal age requirement is important. Please post the “Tobacco Age of Sale” sign in a public area to help inform people about the new law.

NJ Initiatives Programs

Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ is working with NJ Youth through the Youth Tobacco Action Groups - a prevention and cessation program for youth 13-18. Each county in NJ has a county youth tobacco action group. These groups are working to decrease youth tobacco use and initiation.


Colleges and universities play a critical role in addressing tobacco prevention among young adults. TFHNJ has committed to support all NJ campuses to work towards implementing a 100% tobacco-free policies by pulling together resources and best practices from around the country and making resources available to NJ campuses.


Working Well Tobacco Free

Free Following best practices, the Working Well Tobacco-Free program will promote the implementation of 100% Tobacco Free Worksites and increase the use of effective cessation by young adults 19 to 29.

Working Well Tobacco Free

Helping Communities Reduce the Effects of Tobacco

The New Jersey Department of Health takes the following measures to encourage our communities to prevent the use of tobacco products and their harmful effects.

Point of Sale:

The retail environment is now the major channel used by Big Tobacco to promote initiation & use of tobacco products. Most tobacco products are bought in the retail establishment, and the industry forces most of its marketing efforts in these settings. Point-of-sale Strategies enhance state and local tobacco control efforts by reducing exposure to tobacco products and advertising in stores. Implementing point of sale policies in your community will strengthen the comprehensive approach the state is taking to combat tobacco use rates among youth and adults.

Point of Sale Initiatives

Outdoor Smoke-Free Ordinance:

Facilitate community coalitions to promote the adoption of Outdoor Smoke-Free Recreational Ordinances.

Smoke-Free Housing

Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ (TFHNJ) works to increase opportunities for Smoke-Free living for all New Jersey residents. We accomplish this by providing assistance to housing authorities, property managers, and landlords who want to implement or improve their Smoke-Free Housing policy, reduce costs attributed to smoking and improve the health of their residents.

Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-Free Air

Worksite Wellness

Promote the implementation of smoke-free worksite policies, with the use of the Working Well in NJ Toolkit.  To download a free copy of the toolkit, please register here

If you'd like to see what employers are saying about the Working Well in NJ Toolkit and more information on what the toolkit contains, click here for a preview.



Last Reviewed: 12/9/2022