Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP)

HIPP offers New Jersey residents living with HIV comprehensive health care coverage.

Once enrolled, HIPP covers health insurance premiums, pharmacy costs, and dental/vision plan premiums.

You must be an active ADDP member to apply for assistance. See ADDP eligibility criteria for more details.

HIPP Eligibility Criteria

A New Jersey resident living with HIV is eligible if they are:

  • Current ADDP members
  • Low-income
  • Uninsured
  • *Underinsured

*Being underinsured means you have insurance coverage, but the limits may not be high enough to cover the full expense of your treatment.

How to Apply

Call 800-353-3232 to connect with a Ryan White Medical Case Manager in your county to fill out an application for HIPP.

Requirements to Enroll in HIPP
  • Be an active ADDP member
  • Have a marketplace-qualified Silver Plan with a minimum coverage rate of 70%.
  • Have an insurance plan with prescription coverage.
  • If your insurance was purchased through GetCovered NJ, you must apply for an Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) and apply 100% of the APTC to your monthly premium payment. HIPP will pay the final amount after subsidies.
  • To stay in HIPP, you need medical case management for HIV care coordination and eligibility.
  • Report changes in your life circumstances, such as incomes adjustments, to ADDP, HIPP, and GetCovered NJ as they happen. Income changes can affect the amount of subsidy you receive. *Over reported or under reported income can affect a tax credit, tax penalty, or your coverage status.

*Any tax penalties are the sole responsibility of the person enrolled. The person enrolled is also responsible for remitting any APTC refund to the HIPP/State Treasury. Call 877-613-4533 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call 800-353-3232 to discuss your circumstances with an HIPP representative. They will talk you through your options, but you must act immediately.

HIPP allows you to maintain privately purchased insurance if it meets HIPP provisions. Call an HIPP representative to see if your private insurance is accepted - 800-353-3232.

New Jersey HIPP staff will work with your employer, former employer, or insurance company to make payments.

If you qualify, HIPP will cover your portion of the premium.

The program will pay your health insurance premiums as long as you continue to be eligible for the program and remain active on ADDP.

Need more information?

Call 800-353-3232 to speak with a HIPP representative.
Last Reviewed: 10/20/2023