DMHAS Has Moved

On October 1, 2018, the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services rejoined the Department of Human Services. The pages on this edition of the DMHAS website are no longer maintained actively and will eventually be archived.

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Upcoming Quarterly Provider Meeting Dates

Next Quarterly Provider Meeting is on December 13, 2018 at 10am

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Psychiatric Advanced Directive

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services manages the registry of Psychiatric Advance Directives, which ensure your mental health care wishes are honored if you are unable to manage your own care.

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State Psychiatric Hospitals

The Division operates four psychiatric hospitals, one of which is a forensic center. Each admits patients from different regions of the state, depending upon each patient's individual circumstances. The goal of the Division is to ensure that the hospitals function in a similar manner. Some examples include organizational structure, provision of active treatment, community re-integration, implementation of evidence-based practices, and workforce development initiatives.


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DMHAS NJ State Psychiatric Hospitals Family Resource Handbook

DMHAS Reorganization Q&A

Q. Will licensure of facilities integrating mental health, addiction services and primary care remain with the Department of Health? What about licensure for mental health and addiction services facilities without primary care?

A. The Murphy Administration is committed to integrated licensing for physical and behavioral health care and therefore DOH will continue to advance the single license initiative. In addition, licensing of other community-based mental health and substance use programs and facilities will continue to be licensed by DOH even after DMHAS is returned to the Department of Human Services.

Q. When will DMHAS move back to the Department of Human Services?

A. The Legislature has 60 days to review the reorganization plan, which will take effect August 20, 2018. During that time, DHS and DOH will work together to create a timeline for implementation.

Q.  Will DMHAS, and its staff, be moving back to Trenton?  If not, will they remain where they are now?
A. The vast majority of DMHAS staff will remain in their current locations.

Q.  Why are the psychiatric hospitals staying at the Department of Health?

A. The Department of Health has begun rigorous efforts to enhance patient care at the psychiatric hospitals and this will continue to move forward at DOH without delay or disruption.

Q.  Will information technology be prioritized in the transition to avoid disruption in services?

A. Yes. The Department of Health and the Department of Human Services will work closely to ensure the smoothest possible transition. This includes information technology.

Last Reviewed: 10/4/2018