Mandatory Pre-Application Conference

A pre-application conference for applicants was held on August 9, 2018. The meeting was streamed live on the Department website. A recording is available, as is the slide deck that was presented to attendees.

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Applying to Open an Alternative Treatment Center

The Department of Health in July 2018 issued a Request for Applications (RFA) for up to six additional Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) in the state. The application period closed at 5:00 pm on August 31, 2018. The list of applicants is available for public review. No further information will be released, including the applications themselves, until all awards are made.

Given the unprecedented expansion of the program, the Department anticipates the issuance of additional RFAs in the future.

View the July 2018 RFA

Questions and Answers

The Department of Health received 530 questions about the Medicinal Marijuana Program, Alternative Treatment Centers, and the RFA process. Some of the questions are addressed in the PDF files available for download below.
The purpose of the question/answer process is to afford applicants a full and fair opportunity to obtain clarification about the RFA process. Accordingly, and as discussed during the Pre-Application Conference held on 8/9/18, the Department will not be issuing responses to questions that are unclear, hypothetical, or about matters other than the RFA process.  
Duplicate or overlapping questions have been consolidated for efficiency purposes. 
Applicants are encouraged to review the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act, N.J.S.A. 24:6I-1 et seq., and the Department of Health’s Medicinal Marijuana Rules, N.J.A.C. 8:64-1.1 et seq., for additional information regarding New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program. The Act and the Rules are on the Department of Health’s Medicinal Marijuana website.

Download Questions and Answers Document (part 1 of 3, published 8/15/2018)

Download Questions and Answers Document (part 2 of 3, published 8/17/2018)

Download Questions and Answers Document (part 3 of 3, published 8/20/2018)

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