Payment Schedule

New Jersey intends to pay the aggregate hospital incentive payment over three years:

  • 50% of the aggregate payment in year one
  • 40% of the aggregate payment in year two
  • 10% of the aggregate payment in year three

Payments assume that the eligible hospital meets the patient volume threshold each year and meaningful use requirements for years two and three.

Since New Jersey Medicaid processes provider payments on a weekly basis, a provider whose Promoting Interoperability Program attestation is approved can expect disbursement of their incentive payment in 3-5 weeks after their successful attestation. However, issues uncovered during a pre-payment review of the provider’s eligibility and/or verifications of documentation may impact the timing of incentive payment disbursement. If a delay occurs, New Jersey Medicaid will notify the provider promptly and work with them to clarify the information (or lack thereof) that prevented distribution of the payment.

Acute care and children’s hospitals that adopt a certified EHR system and are meaningful users can apply to receive New Jersey Medicaid incentive payments in any year up to calendar year 2017. The last year a hospital can receive their first Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program incentive payment is 2015.

Last Reviewed: 5/9/2018