Implementation of an Inventory Management System to Build Emergency Preparedness for COVID-19 and Future Outbreaks Pilot Test of a Thirteen Module New Jersey Quality Assurance Course for Scientific and Technical Personnel in the New Jersey Public Health Laboratory Investing in the Future of the Public Health Laboratory Workforce: Results of a Basic Molecular Methods TNA in New Jersey Feasibility of the ChromaCode Tick-Borne Pathogen HDPCR Assay for Use in Vector Screening Of Field-Collected Ticks in New Jersey Field Deployable Laboratory for Testing in Vulnerable Populations Establishment of Wastewater Sequencing Methods Allow for Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in the State of New Jersey Development of a Multiplex Real-Time Quantitative PCR Method for the Detection and Speciation of Vibrio Bacteria Utilization of a Project Management Model to Enroll Clients in an Electronic Test Ordering and Reporting (ETOR) System