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Department of the Treasury






Policy and Background:

Storage shelving systems exceeding 6'-0" in height shall not
be procured, installed or relocated by any agency without GSA
review and approval as established by this policy.

This policy includes:

1. Standard steel shelving
2. High Density Open Shelf Lateral Files
3. High Density Mobile Storage Systems
4. Specialized Storage Structures
5. Mezzanine Structures
6. Library Shelving

Standards for the construction and installation of various
types of typical shelving units have been developed for the pur-
pose of inclusion into "Requests for Proposals" (RFP). These
standards are published in a booklet entitled "Standards for
Steel Shelving/Storage Systems", and are available from DBC's
Architectural/Engineering Services Group.

Request for technical assistance involving new or existing
shelving installations may be directed to:

Department of the Treasury
Division of Building & Construction
Architectural and Engineering Services
Attn: Supervisor, Plan Review Group
(609) 984-5573


The Applicant (Using Agency, State Use Industries, or the
DBC Design Manager)

1. Submits a request for the shelving installation to the
Supervisor, Plan Review Group, Architectural Engineering
Services, DBC. The request shall be accompanied by shelving
drawings, specifications, other supporting data, and a sketch

(a) a dimensional layout of the shelving within the
(b) location of sprinkler heads in the room.
(c) location of floor drains.
(d) location of all doors.
(e) details of floor construction (if available).
(f) weights of materials to be placed on shelving
(g) structural calculations if appropriate.
(h) height of the room.

2. If the shelving request is from State Use Industries a
quotation must also be included.

Supervisor, Plan Review Group.

3. Records the application and performs a review of the
submission and prepares a Plan Review Report within ten (10)
working days which includes:

(a) An assessment of the adequacy of the proposal.
(b) A determination of whether or not a Uniform Con-
struction Code (UCC) construction permit is required. (A permit
will be required if shelving units exceed 8'-0" in height; are
tied to the building structure frame or incorporate building
services such as electric, plumbing or fire sprinklers.)

4. Returns the "Plan Review Report" to the applicant and
offers technical assistance until the application is approved.

5. Assists the applicant in obtaining a UCC permit if

6. Forwards the approved plans and specifications and, if
required, the UCC permit to one of the following agencies:

(a) State Use Industries if they are the applicant and
the shelving is to be provided and installed by them.
(b) DBC Design Manager if the shelving is to be in-
stalled in an active DBC building project.
(c) Purchase and Property if the shelving does not fall
into one of the above categories.

The Applicant

7. Procures or fabricates and installs the shelving using
normal procurement procedures.

Note: The responsibility for managing the installation
of the shelving is determined by the method of procurement and
the type of building (owned or leased) in which the shelving will
be installed. eg: if the shelving is installed in a DBC project,
DBC will manage the installation;' if the shelving is procured by
the Using Agency under its Direct Purchase Authority (DPA) the
Using Agency will be responsible for managing the installation
assisted by a Building Manager for State Property Manager for
leased facilities.

8. Submits shop drawings prepared by the vendor if required
in the RFP to the Supervisor, Plan Review Group for approval
prior to the installation of the shelving.

Supervisor, Plan Review Group

9. Reviews and returns the approved shop drawings within
ten (10) working days to the Using Agency.

The Applicant

10. Notifies the Supervisor, Plan Review Group or the DBC
Code Inspection Group, (C.I.G.), if the installation is being
done under a UCC permit when the installation of the shelving

Supervisor, Plan Review Group/DBC code Inspection Group (C.I.G.)

11. Inspects shelving to verify that the installation meets
the specifications, and upon approval issues a "Certificate of
Completion." (C.I.G. if the installation is being done under a
UCC permit).

The Applicant

12. Upon receipt of the "Certificate of Compliance" pays
the vendor final payment.

Feather O'Connor Michael B. McKitish
State Treasurer Acting Administrator

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