State of New Jersey
Executive Order #61

Governor James J. Florio

WHEREAS, the phenomenon of violence in society is of extreme concern to the people of this State; and

WHEREAS, women are the majority of victims of certain categories of physical and psychological violence, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment; and

WHEREAS, New Jersey has been in the forefront of the legal and public policy response to violence against women, particularly by the State's adoption of a progressive domestic violence prevention law; and

WHEREAS, New Jersey seeks to continue improving its response to, and care of, victims of all crimes and especially victims of violence against women; and

WHEREAS, society is acknowledging through recent laws and a change of societal attitudes that such categories of violence against women are not merely acts between individuals but are manifestations of a socialization process which promotes violence against women; and

WHEREAS, society is increasingly aware of the wide extent of such acts of violence against women; and

WHEREAS, violence against women is a component of other major social problems, such as rising health care costs, law enforcement costs, homelessness, substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, and other concerns; and

WHEREAS, a key component to addressing the problem of violence against women is a greatly increased prevention effort, involving public education, training of professionals, programs for offenders and victims, and other activities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAMES J. FLORIO, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

1. There is hereby created an Office on the Prevention of Violence Against Women (hereinafter "Office") in the Division on Women of the Department of Community Affairs.

2. This Office shall function in collaboration with the other State agencies and affiliate groups which are dealing with issues of violence against women.

3. The existing Domestic Violence Prevention Program within the Division on Women will continue to function as a component of the proposed Office.

4. The responsibilities and functions of the Office shall include, but not be limited to:

a. Research-based policy and program development leading to implementation of strategies to prevent violence against women and to explore violence prevention initiatives.

b. Development and implementation of training courses and public education initiatives, with particular focus on the socialization process which promotes violence against women.

c. Provision of staff and fiscal support to the statutorily established Advisory Council on Domestic Violence.

d. Reporting to the Governor on an ongoing basis with respect to issues, programs, and the setting of policy priorities regarding the prevention of violence against women.

5. The Office is authorized to call upon any department, office, division or agency of this State to supply it with data and any other information or assistance it deems necessary to discharge its duties under this Order. Each department, office, division or agency of this State is hereby directed, to the extent not inconsistent with law, to cooperate with the Office and furnish it with such assistance as is necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Order.

6. The Office is authorized to establish task forces or workgroups to address specific issues as they arise and develop policy recommendations pertaining to those issues.

7. This Order shall take effect immediately.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal this
11th day of June in the Year of Our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
ninety-two, and of the Independence
of the United States, the two hundred
and sixteenth.

/s/ James J. Florio


/s/ M. Robert DeCotiis
Chief Counsel to the Governor