State of New Jersey
Executive Order #62

Governor James J. Florio

WHEREAS, global interdependence has created unprecedented economic competition on an international scale; and

WHEREAS, success in the knowledge-driven economy of the 21st Century will be directly related to our investment in both human capital and research and development; and

WHEREAS, a strong and vital higher education system is a critical component of that investment, and a major factor affecting the competitiveness of the business sector; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Higher Education and the Chancellor of Higher Education have recognized this important relationship, and have instituted a strategic planning effort and other major initiatives to enhance the higher education system's contributions to the future of the State; and

WHEREAS, the quality of the higher education system, as well as the general welfare of New Jersey, will be strengthened by close collaboration between the leadership of our higher education and corporate communities; and

WHEREAS, no permanent Statewide organization exists to foster the regular exchange of ideas about issues of mutual concern or for joint policy and program development between these two communities; and

WHEREAS, the Governor, in consultation with the Chancellor, has proposed the establishment of a Business-Higher Education Forum to serve as a forum for such exchange and cooperative action.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAMES J. FLORIO, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by the virtue of the authority vested in my by the Constitution a and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

1. There is hereby established a New Jersey Business-Higher Education Forum (hereinafter "the Forum") which shall be composed of individuals, appointed by the Governor, who are leaders of New Jersey's business and higher education communities. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Forum shall be designated by the Governor among the Forum's members.

2. The Forum is authorized to establish an Executive Committee and to organize itself in a manner to best carry out its responsibilities. The Forum is further authorized to establish such task forces or work-groups, as necessary, to address specific issues as they arise and to develop policy recommendations pertaining to those issues.

3. The Chancellor of Higher Education and the Commissioners of Commerce and Labor, together with the Chair of the State Board of Higher Education or a member of the State Board of Higher Education designated by the Chair, shall serve as ex-officio members of the Forum. The Chancellor of Higher Education shall also serve ex-officio on the Executive Committee of the Forum.

4. The Forum shall be in, but not of, the Department of Higher Education. The Department of Higher Education shall be responsible for providing staff, consultants and other resources.

5. The Forum shall advise the Governor, the Legislature, and the citizens of the State of New Jersey on:

a. Issues relating to human capital, academic research and development, and technology transfer;

b. Ways in which the higher education community can contribute to the economic growth, and to the quality of life, of the citizens of of New Jersey.

6. The Forum shall also:

a. Provide specific advice and support to the Board and Chancellor of Higher Education on higher education's strategic planning, funding and accountability efforts;

b. Promote cooperative endeavors across the two sectors that benefit the economic and social welfare of the State;

c. Examine such other issues that may arise that are of mutual concern and of serious importance to New Jersey's future and its citizens.

7. The Forum shall coordinate its work with existing policy-making groups including, but not limited to, the following: the State Employment and Training Commission, the Commission on Science and Technology, and the New Jersey Council on Job Opportunities.

8. The Forum is authorized to call upon any department, office, division or agency of this State to supply it with data and any other information, personnel or assistance it deems necessary to discharge its duties under this Order. Each department, office, division or agency of this State is hereby required, to the extent not inconsistent with law, to cooperate with the Forum and furnish it with such assistance as is necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Order. The Attorney General shall act as legal counsel to the Forum.

9. This Order shall take effect immediately.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal this
19th day of June in the Year of Our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
ninety-two, and of the Independence
of the United States, the two hundred
and sixteenth.

/s/ James J. Florio


/s/ M. Robert DeCotiis
Chief Counsel to the Governor