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Executive Order #30

Governor Jon S. Corzine
WHEREAS, economic growth and the creation of high-quality jobs is essential to the continued well-being and prosperity of the State of New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, sustaining New Jersey's position as one of the nation's most prosperous states and most vital centers of innovation demands proactive leadership in increasingly competitive times; and

WHEREAS, the State's economic development strategy has become fragmented without a clear delineation of functions in developing and implementing strategic economic growth policies for New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, there exists a need to prioritize the State's focus on economic development and job growth; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for more centralized economic planning and policies; and

WHEREAS, through many of its departments, agencies, and independent authorities the State has made and stands prepared to make strategic investments in New Jersey's economy by improving and maintaining key infrastructure assets; and

WHEREAS, numerous State departments, agencies, and independent authorities engage in economic development financing and provide both incentives and technical assistance to businesses in New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, there exists a need to more closely coordinate and maximize the efficiency of programs for economic growth and related infrastructure improvements and maintenance, and such coordination should occur from within the Office of the Governor; and

WHEREAS, at the outset of this administration I created an Office of Economic Growth within the Governor's Office for the purpose of addressing the above-stated needs; and

WHEREAS, the work of the Office of Economic Growth would be enhanced through the creation of an advisory body whose membership would be drawn principally from a broad cross-section of the private sector;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JON S. CORZINE, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

  1. There is hereby established the New Jersey Economic Growth Council (the "Council"), an advisory group consisting of not more than 50 public members representing the private sector. The following public officials also shall serve on the Council, ex officio: the Chief of the Office of Economic Growth; the Deputy Chief of the Office of Economic Growth; and the Chair of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. The Chief of the Office of Economic Growth shall serve as chair of the Council.

  2. The public members of the Council shall be appointed by the Governor to one-year terms, and the Governor may re-appoint a public member to additional one-year terms. Public members of the Council shall serve without compensation.

  3. The New Jersey Economic Growth Council shall assist the Office of Economic Growth with respect to the development and implementation of statewide economic development policies.

  4. This Order shall take effect immediately.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal this 7th day
of September, Two Thousand and Six, and of the
Independence of the United States, the Two Hundred
and Thirty-First.

/s/ Jon S. Corzine




/s/ Stuart Rabner
Chief Counsel to the Governor

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