State of New Jersey
Executive Order #51

Governor Jon S. Corzine
WHEREAS, this administration is committed to practices that adhere to the highest ethical standards, promote transparency in State activities, and enhance public trust in government; and

WHEREAS, as Governor, I am authorized to make appointments to a wide variety of State boards, authorities, commissions, councils, committees, and other public bodies having responsibilities relating to virtually every area of public policy; and

WHEREAS, the people of the State of New Jersey derive significant benefits from the important public service provided by individuals who serve as appointed, often unpaid, members of such State boards, authorities, and commissions; and

WHEREAS, the Governor's Appointments Office plays an integral role in the administrative and candidate-selection functions that are essential to the efficient and effective operation of the appointments process; and

WHEREAS, appointments to State boards, authorities, and commissions should be undertaken in an inclusive manner designed to encourage diversity among applicants as well as broad public knowledge of, and participation in, available appointments opportunities; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Executive Order No. 37, a "Talent Bank" is being compiled by the Appointments Office to further this administration's policy of actively seeking candidates for membership on State authority boards from all sectors, including academia, business, and labor; and

WHEREAS, a fair and inclusive process for the appointment of qualified individuals to State boards, authorities, and commissions will contribute to maintaining the highest ethical standards and enhancing public trust in government;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JON S. CORZINE, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

  1. The Appointments Office, in cooperation with the Office of Information Technology, shall establish and maintain an interactive electronic database containing, to the extent practicable, detailed information regarding the mission and membership of the various active State boards, authorities, commissions, and other public bodies to which the Governor is authorized by law to make appointments (hereinafter referred to as "State boards"). The database shall be updated periodically, in a timely manner, and shall be readily accessible to the public via the Internet, as part of the Office of the Governor's website.

  2. The database shall include, for each State board, the name of the board, the legal authority pursuant to which it is established, a general statement of its purpose, and a description of any special requirements that govern appointments thereto, along with any other useful information as determined by the Appointments Office.

  3. The database also shall include a listing of the current membership of each State board and shall specify any current vacancies.

  4. In order to maximize the opportunities for public participation in the appointments process, the database shall include an online application form and instructions for potential applicants to submit their resumes and areas of interest to the Appointments Office for consideration in filling available vacancies.

  5. Each principal department to which a State board has been allocated shall cooperate fully with the Appointments Office in the implementation of this Order, including but not limited to providing updated information concerning membership and vacancies on State boards allocated to the department in a timely manner. In the case of a vacancy occurring by death, resignation, or for any reason other than the expiration of a member's term, notice shall be provided as soon as possible, but not later than 15 days after the occurrence of the vacancy. In the case of newly created entities that would constitute State boards as defined herein, the Appointments Office shall monitor their creation to ensure timely appointments of members and that new membership comports with any requirements established by the enabling statute or Executive Order.

  6. This Order shall take effect 30 days from the date of its execution, although State boards and principal departments to which State boards have been allocated are instructed to begin complying immediately with the terms of this Order to the extent possible.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal this 29th day
of January, Two Thousand and Seven, and of
the Independence of the United States, the
Two Hundred and Thirty-First.

/s/ Jon S. Corzine




/s/ Kenneth H. Zimmerman

Chief Counsel to the Governor