State of New Jersey
Executive Order #87

Governor Jon S. Corzine

WHEREAS, the State of New Jersey has made great strides in the last 20 years in providing community based transportation services to its seniors, persons with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged populations; and

WHEREAS, having access to employment, health care, education, and other community services and amenities is critical to the quality of life of transportation-disadvantaged citizens; and

WHEREAS, enhancing access to transportation will improve mobility, employment opportunities, and availability of community services to citizens who are transportation-disadvantaged; and

WHEREAS, both State and federal government have allocated millions of dollars to fund human service transportation programs through a variety of agencies within this State; and

WHEREAS, federal law now requires that human service transportation projects selected for certain federal funding be derived from a locally developed, coordinated public transit human services transportation plan; and

WHEREAS, at the federal level this coordination activity is centered around the United We Ride Initiative; and

WHEREAS, there is a need to both identify additional resources as yet untapped or underutilized and maximize the benefit of the State's monetary resources currently earmarked for human service transportation programs through the creation of strategies that efficiently and effectively deliver services and centralize the management of information and resources; and

WHEREAS, the quality of decision making in these matters can be enhanced by providing a forum that brings together input and insight from the participating agencies, the providers, and the consumers of these transportation services;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JON S. CORZINE, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

  1. There is hereby established in the Department of Human Services the New Jersey Council on Access and Mobility (the "Council").

  2. The Council shall be composed of four public members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Governor, one selected from each of the following communities: physically challenged individuals, seniors, individuals with developmental disabilities or mental health challenges, and low income individuals. The public members shall serve without compensation. In addition, the following individuals shall serve on the Council in an ex officio capacity and may appoint a designee to serve in his or her place: the Commissioners of Children and Families, Community Affairs, Education, Health and Senior Services, Human Services, Labor and Workforce Development, and Transportation, the State Treasurer, the Adjutant General, and the Executive Director of New Jersey Transit Corporation.

  3. The Governor shall designate a chairman and vice chairman of the Council from among its members.

  4. The Council is authorized to call upon any department, office, or agency of State government to provide such information, personnel, and assistance as deemed necessary to discharge its responsibilities under this Order. Each department, office, and agency of State government is hereby required, to the extent not inconsistent with law, to cooperate with the Council and to furnish it with such information, personnel, and assistance as is necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Order.

  5. The Council shall inventory existing State and federal transportation funding sources used for transportation services within the various departments and agencies in the State, study ways to improve coordination of resources, and make recommendations for improving services and programs.

  6. The Council shall participate in the Federal United We Ride Program and coordinate activities with the Federal Council on Access and Mobility.

  7. The Council shall meet no less than four times a year. The Council shall establish an appropriate number of subcommittees which may be composed of staff from a department or agency identified in paragraph 2 and representatives of consumers served by that department or agency. Such subcommittees shall meet monthly and report to the Council on a quarterly basis. All Council progress will be documented in written reports. By December 31st of each year of the Council's existence, the Council shall make a report of its activities, findings, and recommendations to the Governor and Legislature.

  8. The Council shall expire on January 1, 2010.

  9. This Order shall take effect immediately.
GIVEN, under my hand and seal this 26th day
of October, Two Thousand and Seven, and
of the Independence of the United States, the
Two Hundred and Thirty-Second.

/s/ Jon S. Corzine




/s/ Kenneth H. Zimmerman

Chief Counsel to the Governor