State of New Jersey
Executive Order #19

Governor James E. McGreevey

WHEREAS, the Division of Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) has responsibility for issuing and certifying motor vehicle driver's licenses, ensuring the proper registration of motor vehicles, as well as conducting safety and emissions inspections of motor vehicles; and

WHEREAS, DMV has over 15 million contacts a year with the public, more than any other State agency; and

WHEREAS, the public has a right to expect courteous, efficient and accessible service from government agencies; and

WHEREAS, historically the privately operated local motor vehicle agencies have been plagued with long lines, poor customer service, and inadequate business practices that routinely cause network delays and failures of 2-4 hours; and

WHEREAS, DMV's vulnerable security systems and weak document control have placed our State and the Nation at risk by enabling persons to obtain and use fraudulent driver's licenses in furtherance of terrorist activities; and

WHEREAS, DMV's failed security systems are contributing to a growing national problem of identity theft that is costing New Jersey and the Nation millions of dollars each week; and

WHEREAS, in a time of rapidly changing information technology and Internet communications, DMV operates on a decades-old computer network with patchwork hardware, antiquated software and obsolete display terminals that lack processing abilities; and

WHEREAS, by January 1, 2003 DMV is required to implement the EPA-mandated On Board Diagnostic Auto Inspection System, as well as a State-mandated Digital Drivers License; and

WHEREAS, previous DMV efforts to implement complex technological mandates have failed, due to bureaucratic mismanagement, inefficient planning and inadequate oversight, as characterized by the State Commission of Investigations;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, James E. McGreevey, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

  1. There is hereby created a FIX DMV Commission, hereinafter referred to as the Commission.

  2. The Commission shall be composed of 12 members, who shall include the Chief of the Governor's Office of Management and Operations, the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation, the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, the State Treasurer, the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, the Commissioner of the Department of Personnel, the Director of the Division of Criminal Justice, the Assistant Attorney General in Charge of the Office for Counter-Terrorism, plus four members of the public, to be appointed by the Governor, who have experience with the Division of Motor Vehicle Services. The Governor shall appoint the Chair of the Commission.

  3. The Commission shall form advisory groups and work with interested members of the public that include individuals and entities with experience in customer relations as well as constituent and customer groups who have regular contact with the Division of Motor Vehicle Services.

  4. Within 120 days, the Commission shall conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Division and prepare a report with recommendations on restructuring and re-engineering the Division as an effective, modern, customer service oriented Division with the highest level of secure document processing and production.

  5. The Commission is authorized to call upon any department, office, or agency of State government to provide such information, resources or other assistance deemed necessary to discharge its responsibilities under this Order. Each department, officer, division and agency of this State is required to cooperate with the Commission and to furnish it with such information and assistance as is necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Order.

  6. This Order shall take effect immediately.



GIVEN, under my hand and seal this day
of in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand
and Two, and of the Independence of the
United States, the Two Hundred and Twenty-Sixth.

/s/James E. McGreevey


/s/Paul A. Levinsohn
Chief Counsel to the Governor