State of New Jersey
Executive Order #114

Governor Christine Todd Whitman

WHEREAS, cancer is the second leading cause of death in New Jersey, claiming over 18,000 lives each year; and

WHEREAS, over 40,000 new cases of invasive cancer are diagnosed among New Jersey residents each year; and

WHEREAS, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer among New Jersey men and women, followed by breast and colorectal cancer for women and prostate and colorectal cancer for men; and

WHEREAS, New Jersey residents see cancer as the most important health issue facing the State, according to a survey conducted by the Eagleton Institute; and

WHEREAS, New Jersey has made substantial progress in reducing the incidence and mortality rates for cancer in recent years, with mortality reductions of 7% for lung cancer, 10% for breast cancer, 20% for colorectal cancer, 23% for prostate cancer, and 10% for cervical cancer from 1990 to 1997; and incidence reductions of 6% for lung cancer, 2% for breast cancer, 8% for colorectal cancer, 19% for prostate cancer, and 17% for cervical cancer from 1992 to 1997; and

WHEREAS, notwithstanding these advances, cancer still claims too many lives, too many people engage in behaviors that increase their risk for cancer, and not enough people take advantage of regular screenings that can detect cancer early and save their lives; and

WHEREAS, it is imperative that the State accelerate its already substantial efforts in the fight against cancer by improving cancer research, prevention and treatment; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of this imperative, the State has invested an additional $2.7 million this year for an expanded Cancer Screening, Education and Outreach Initiative to increase cancer screening services to high-risk populations; and

WHEREAS, greater coordination among experts in the field of medicine, pharmaceutical research, academia, advocacy and support organizations, and public health officials will promote a fully integrated effort at preventing, detecting, treating and curing cancer;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

1. There is hereby created within the Department of Heath and Senior Services (DHSS), the "Task Force on Cancer Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment in New Jersey" ("Task Force").

2. This Task Force shall consist of the following members:

(a) The Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, or a designee, shall serve ex-officio; and

(b) No more than twenty (20) public members to be directly appointed by the Governor from among representatives of the Public Health Council; the State Commission on Cancer Research; the State Minority Health Advisory Commission; the Medical Society of New Jersey; academic medical centers and universities engaged in cancer education, research and treatment; providers of cancer treatment and support services; pharmaceutical companies engaged in cancer research; community-based organizations and coalitions engaged in cancer outreach, education and screening; and cancer survivors. Public members shall serve for terms of one year.

3. The Task Force, which shall be assisted by appropriate DHSS staff, including an executive director, shall organize and meet as soon as practicable after the appointment of a majority of its members. The Governor shall appoint a chairperson and vice-chairperson. Each member shall hold office for the term of appointment and until his or her successor is appointed and qualified. A member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring on the Task Force for any reason other than the expiration of the term shall have a term of appointment for the unexpired term only. A member may be appointed for any number of successive terms. The members shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as members.

4. The Task Force shall:

(a) Evaluate current trends in cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality, screening, diagnosis, and behaviors that increase risk;

(b) Evaluate historic, current and emerging cancer control strategies;

(c) Establish cancer reduction goals for the year 2010, which shall seek to reduce cancer mortality rates by no less than the following:

Breast Cancer 22%

Cervical Cancer 60%

Prostate Cancer 35%

Lung Cancer 22%

Colorectal Cancer 30%

(d) Establish specific goals for (1) reducing behavior that increases the risk of cancer, including behavior related to smoking and diet; (2) reversing the present trend of annual increases in the rate of invasive melanoma; (3) closing the gap in cancer mortality rates between the total population and minorities; (4) increasing the use of screening tests for cancer, especially among elderly and minority populations; and (5) increasing the percentage of cancers diagnosed at early stages;

(e) Develop an integrated set of priority strategies that are necessary to achieve the goals established pursuant to this Order; and

(f) Delineate the respective roles and responsibilities for the State and each of its partners in implementing the priority strategies identified pursuant to this Order.

5. The Task Force shall report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services within 18 months of its organizational meeting, and thereafter, submit biennial updated reports.

6. The Task Force is authorized to call upon any department, office or agency of State government to provide such information, resources or other assistance deemed necessary to discharge its responsibilities under this Order. Each department, office or agency of the State is hereby directed, to the extent not inconsistent with law and within budgetary constraints, to cooperate with the Task Force to furnish it with such information, personnel and assistance as is necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Order.

7. This Order shall take effect immediately.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal,
this 9th day of May in the Year of
Our Lord, Two Thousand, and of
the Independence of the United States,
the Two Hundred and Twenty-Fourth.

/s/ Christine Todd Whitman



/s/ Richard S. Mroz
Chief Counsel to the Governor