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Executive Order #38

Governor Christine Todd Whitman

WHEREAS, the New Jersey Economic Master Plan Commission (the "Commission"), created pursuant to Executive Order No. 1, recommended the creation of a private/public partnership to be known as Prosperity New Jersey to serve as an umbrella organization which would help foster, promote and strengthen economic activity, job creation and the overall business climate in New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, the Commission recommended that Prosperity New Jersey's mission should be to create, develop and implement a shared vision to move New Jersey to the forefront of the national and international economies; and

WHEREAS, Prosperity New Jersey should be formed to carry out the mission recommended by the Commission;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN, Governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the Statutes of this State, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

1. There is hereby established a commission to be known as Prosperity New Jersey.

2. Prosperity New Jersey shall consist of up to twentyseven (27) members appointed by the Governor, including the Governor's Chief of Policy and Planning and the Commissioners of the Departments of Commerce and Economic Development and Environmental Protection. The remaining members shall be public members who shall represent the various sectors of the economy and geographic areas of the State, including representatives of business, labor, environmental, academic and other non-governmental organizations. Two members of Prosperity New Jersey shall serve as co-chairs; one co-chair shall be a representative of business and the other shall be the Commissioner of the Department of Commerce and Economic Development.

3. Prosperity New Jersey shall create, develop, refine and implement strategic plans to continually move New Jersey to the forefront of the national and international economies by fostering, promoting and improving economic activity, job creation and the overall business climate in New Jersey.

4. Prosperity New Jersey shall meet on a quarterly basis and shall establish an executive committee and various private/public partnerships which shall meet bimonthly, or more often, if needed, to conduct their business and execute their respective missions.

5. Prosperity New Jersey is hereby authorized to hire an executive director, consultants and other professionals, subject to an appropriation by the Legislature, and to call on the Department of Commerce and Economic Development to supply it with such data and other information, personnel or assistance as Prosperity New Jersey deems necessary to discharge its duties under this Order and to assure appropriate integration with State initiatives. The Department of Commerce and Economic Development is hereby directed, to the extent not inconsistent with law and within budgetary constraints, to cooperate with Prosperity New Jersey and to furnish it with such information, personnel and assistance as are necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Order. In order to more rapidly facilitate the commencement of Prosperity New Jersey's activities, the co-chairs of Prosperity New Jersey are hereby authorized to hire an acting executive director until such time as an executive director shall be hired by the full membership of Prosperity New Jersey.

6. Prosperity New Jersey is hereby authorized to solicit and receive financial and in-kind contributions from private organizations in furtherance of its purposes set forth in this Order.

7. As part of its work, Prosperity New Jersey shall study and report to the Governor on the appropriate vehicle for it to continue to carry out its mission in the future, including the advisability of incorporating Prosperity New Jersey as a tax exempt organization that is eligible TO receive tax deductible contributions.

8. This Order shall take effect immediately.

GIVEN, under my hand and seal
this 15th day of June in the Year
of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine
Hundred and Ninety Five, and of
the Independence of the United
States, the Two Hundred and Eighteenth.

/s/ Christine Todd Whitman


/s/ Margaret M. Foti
Chief Counsel to the Governor

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