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Population, Housing and Group Quarters Characteristics Thirteen Profiles :
(These profiles were updated August 24, 2001) 

    General Profiles:   

  • Profile 1: Persons, by Race, Age & Sex; Households and Families by Race and by Type

  • Profile 2: Households & Families by Type; Household Relationship by Age

  • Profile 3: Housing Unit Tenure, Vacancy Type, Household Size, Householder Race/Age

    Supplementary Profiles:

  • Profile 1: Population Under 20; Group Quarters Summary; and Own Children 
  • Profile 2: Household Characteristics: Size, Type, and Age of Household Members 
  • Profile 3: Relationship by Age (Under 18) and Tenure by Household Type by Age

    Age Profile:

  • Detailed Age by Sex, Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity (two parts)

    Race Profiles:

  • Profile 1: Detailed Race by Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity, with Total Tallies
  • Profile 2: Detailed Race by Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity (18+); Tallies for Householders
  • Profile 3: Matrix Presentation of Multiple Race Combinations
  • Profile 4: Detailed Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, & Hispanic/Latino Subgroups

    Special Profiles:

  • Profile 1: Group Quarters Population by Age, Sex & Detailed Group Quarter Type

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