Comparability with U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Income Data

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) of the Department of Commerce
publishes annual data on aggregate and per-capita personal income
received by the population for States, metropolitan areas, and
selected counties. Aggregate income estimates based on the income
statistics shown in census products usually would be less than
those shown in the BEA income series for several reasons. The
Census Bureau data are obtained directly from households, whereas
the BEA income series is estimated largely on the basis of data
from administrative records of business and governmental sources.
Moreover, the definitions of income are different. The BEA income
series includes some items not included in the income data shown in
census publications, such as income "in kind," income received by
nonprofit institutions, the value of services of banks and other
financial intermediaries rendered to persons without the assessment
of specific charges, Medicare payments, and the income of persons
who died or emigrated prior to April 1, 1990. On the other hand,
the census income data include contributions for support received
from persons not residing in the same household and employer
contributions for social insurance.