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Program Element 2 - Alternative Education

Alternative secondary school services, or dropout recovery services Alternative secondary school services, such as basic education skills training, individualized academic instruction, and English as a Second Language training, are those that assist youth who have struggled in traditional secondary education. An alternative education program means a comprehensive educational program delivered in a nontraditional learning environment that is distinct and separate from the existing general or special education program.

Dropout recovery services

Dropout recovery services, such as credit recovery, counseling, and educational plan development, are those that assist youth who have dropped out of school. While the activities within both types of services may overlap, each are provided with the goal of helping youth to re‐engage and persist in education that leads to the completion of a recognized high school equivalent.


Qualifying Alternative Secondary School Services

- Second‐chance programs for dropouts and out‐of‐school youth
- Programs that use small learning communities
- Technology‐based alternative secondary school services
- Basic education skills training
- Individualized academic instruction
- English as a Second Language training
- Credit recovery
- Counseling and educational plan development


Nonqualifying Alternative Secondary School Services

- Programs that do not lead to a high school diploma or equivalency
- Programs that do not meet the academic standards of No Child Left Behind