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Program Element 10 - Education offered

Education offered concurrently with and in the same context as workforce preparation activities and training for a specific occupation or occupational cluster


This program element reflects an integrated education and training model and describes how workforce preparation activities, basic academic skills, and handsā€on occupational skills training are to be taught within the same time frame and connected to training in a specific occupation, occupational cluster, or career pathway.


While programs developing basic academic skills, which are included as part of alternative secondary school services and dropout recovery services (program element 2), workforce preparation activities that occur as part of a work experience (program element 3), and occupational skills training (program element 4) can all occur separately and at different times (and thus are counted under separate program elements), this program element refers to the concurrent delivery of these services which make up an integrated education and training model.

Examples of Qualifying Activities

- Programs that emphasize workforce preparation activities and basic academic skills concurrently.