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Program Element 8 - Follow‐up services

Followup services for not less than 12 months after the completion of participation, as provided in 20 CFR 681.580


Follow‐up services:

- Are critical services provided following a youth’s exit from the program to help ensure the youth is successful in employment and/or post‐secondary education and training


- May include regular contact with a youth participant's employer, including assistance in addressing work‐related problems that arise


- May begin immediately following the last expected date of service in the Youth program (and any other United States Department of Labor (DOL) program in which the participant is coenrolled


if the state is using a common exit policy as discussed in Training and Employment Letter (TEGL) 10‐16) when no future services are scheduled


- Do not cause the exit date to change and do not trigger re‐enrollment in the program


- Must be provided to all youth participants in some form for a minimum duration of 12 months, unless the participant declines to receive follow‐up services or the participant cannot be located or contacted.


- May be provided beyond 12 months at the State or Local Board’s discretion; type and intensity of follow‐up services may differ for each participant (based on the needs of the individual)


- Must include more than only a contact attempted or made for securing documentation in order to report a performance outcome


- May include:

(1) Regular contact with a youth participant’s employer, including assistance in addressing work‐related problems that arise;

(2) Assistance in securing better paying jobs, career pathway development, and further education or training;

(3) Work‐related peer support groups;

(4) Adult mentoring;

(5) Services necessary to ensure the success of youth participants in employment and/or post‐secondary education.

(6) Supportive services;

(7) Adult mentoring;

(8) Financial literacy education;

(9) Services that provide labor market and employment information about in‐demand industry sectors or occupations available in the local area, such as career awareness, career counseling, and career exploration services;

(10) Activities that help youth prepare for/ transition to postsecondary education and training Local programs should have policies in place to establish how to document and record when a participant cannot be located or contacted. At the time of enrollment, youth must be informed that follow‐up services will be provided for 12 months following exit. If at any point in time during the program or during the 12 months following exit the youth requests to opt out of follow‐up services, they may do so. In this case, the request to opt out or discontinue follow‐up services