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DOMAC - Support to Organizations and Special Events

DOMACThe New Jersey National Guard is proud to be a member of the more than 34 communities throughout New Jersey in which our soldiers and airmen serve. Through an active community relations program, the New Jersey National Guard demonstrates it is a good neighbor and community partner. The Guard and its soldiers and airmen are extensively involved in local community organizations and often participate in, or support, the events they sponsor.

The New Jersey National Guard Domestic Actions Coordinator staff receives all volunteer requests, reviews and validates their legal propriety, then puts out a call across the organization for volunteers. Volunteers are not typically provided in an "official" capacity. The National Guard, as a government institution, refrains from endorsing specific organizations or events that it does not officially sponsor. Instead, it is up to the individual Guard members to decide whether they volunteer their time. Event organizers should also be aware that military mission requirements may on occasion prevent our people from supporting off-base events.

There are a number of state and federal restrictions on how we can support organizations and events and our training and mission schedules always come first. Please review "Organizations eligible for military support" to see if your event is eligible. Complete and submit the required forms (see forms download) below by the deadline noted to make a request for support. In many cases, Air Guard units handle their own requests for support, in which case your request will be forwarded to the unit closest to your activity.

If you are interested in requesting National Guard support for your event, please click here to see more information.

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