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The Health Services Section (HSS) of G-1 Personnel is the eyes and ears of  The Adjutant General of the New Jersey National Guard concerning the administration of medical policies, procedures, regulations, issues, and implementation of new requirements related to the health and medical welfare of the New Jersey Army National Guard Community. 

The Health Services Section serves as a liaison between the New Jersey Army National Guard Community and active duty military medicalchannels, as well as civilian medical providers.

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Oversees administration related to military medical examinations for Recruitment and Retention qualification and Retirement examinations, to include military medical waivers and requests for cardiovascular screenings

Collects data for monitoring the compliance with specific regulatory programs for HIV testing, DNA specimen collection and drug testing

Reviews and processes all Line of Duty cases, to ensure accurate documentation for due process of the soldier and the New Jersey Army National Guard

Reviews and processes all Incapacitation Pay Claims in support of thesoldier as necessitates

Coordinates with civilian medical providers as necessary to allow optimum care to military members within the guidelines established by National Guard Bureau

Supports military medical facilities in the Medical Examination Board(MEB)/Physical Examination Board (PEB) process Analyzes and processes civilian medical care bills as required for payment

Provides medical benefits information to members of the New Jersey Army National Guard.

Performs in concert with the National Guard Bureau Health Services,New Jersey Army National Guard State Surgeon and State Chief Nurse in ensuring compliance with current regulations, policies, and maintenance of quality of health for all members of the New Jersey Army National Guard to conserve the readiness of all soldiers in support of their mission
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