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Classification Links
  • Classifier Hand Book - The purpose of this hand book is to provide guidance that will result in a consistent and standardized operation of the state level Position Management and Classification Program.  This guide is a compilation of information from OPM Operating Manuals, regulations and guidance; Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs); U.S. Codes; National Guard Bureau (NGB) Technician Personnel Regulations (TPRs) and NGB guidance. http://www.opm.gov/fedclass/clashnbk.pdf

  • Classification and Position Management No. 511 This TPR defines the NGB Classification and Position Management Program. It establishes policy, delegates authority, assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures for all classification and position management actions effecting National Guard General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage System (FWS) technicians and technician positions.

  • Federal Wage System (FWS) Job Standards - http://www.opm.gov/fedclass/html/fwseries.asp

  • General Schedule (GS) Job Standards - http://www.opm.gov/fedclass/html/gsseries.asp
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