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Frequently Asked Questions

Adverse Actions – POC: (609)562-0857

TPR 752 prescribes policies, procedures and responsibilities governing the discipline and adverse action program for National Guard technicians employed, IAW the provisions of Title 32 USC Chapter 7.

  • How is a penalty selected for an infraction?
    TPR 752 Appendix D, Table D-1, provides a guide for penalty selection.
     Review the Douglas Factor Checklist
    Before initiating the disciplinary or adverse action, call the J1-HRO-LRS
  • Can Leave without Pay (LWOP) be used when initiating a disciplinary or adverse action for attendance related infractions? 
    No.  LWOP is a leave status that has been approved and or granted by a supervisor or manager, and may not be imposed as a penalty.
  • What is progressive discipline?
    Progressive discipline is the process we use for dealing with job-related behavior that does not meet expected and communicated standards.  Progressive discipline typically, but not always, follows an increasingly more severe use of penalties in order to correct a technicians behavior.  An example of this sequence would be counseling, letter of reprimand, suspension and grade reduction or removal.
  • What is Discipline and Adverse Action?
    A Disciplinary Action is a letter of reprimand without an adverse action attached to it.
    An Adverse Action is an official personnel action, taken for disciplinary reasons, which adversely affects a technician and is of a severity that a suspension, reduction in grade or status, or removal is warranted.   
Labor Relations – POC: (609) 562-0857
  • Technicians wear the uniform and are service members. Why do they have a union?
    It’s the law. Based on the Technician Act of 1968 and in accordance with Chapter 71 of Title 5 of the US Code.
  • Who is not eligible to join the union?
    Management officials or supervisors, confidential employees or those engaged in national security.
  •  The date of the contract has expired, is it still valid?  
    The contract or the collective bargaining agreement is a contract between the Adjutant General and the federally recognized union representing your technicians. The contract is valid and used regardless of the date until a new CBA or contract is negotiated.    
My Biz/My Workplace – POC: (609)562-0878
  • I cannot see my employees in My Workplace.
    Contact MAJ Hanson at (609)562-0872 to verify the hierarchy of your position.
  • When can I enter my new employee in the Performance Appraisal Application?
    Contact MAJ Brown-Wilson at (609)562-0881 for performance management policy.
  • As a new employee, when can I register in My Biz?
    Wait two weeks after your start date to allow for system processing.
  • How do I complete the performance appraisal?
    Refer to the “How do I …” guides, and the power point presentations located under the My Biz/My Workplace tab, then the Performance Appraisal Application title.
  • How do I update my information in My Biz?
    Refer to the “Self Service “My Biz” Module 1, Chap 3” located under the My Biz/My Workplace tab.
Employee Relations -  POC: (609)562-0881
  1. How do I submit a technician for an award?
    Submit NJDMAVA 32 for performance awards, time off awards, on the spot awards and quality step increase.  Three consecutive appraisals must be completed for quality step increase awards and performance awards.  Attach the current appraisal to the NJDMAVA Form 32 for the performance award submission.     
  2. Where do I get a CA16 authorization for treatment?
    CA16s are only for CA1 Traumatic Injury.  Contact HRO Employee Relations Branch for the CA16.
  3. When does my new hire go into PAA (Performance Appraisal Application)?
    New employees begin PAA after serving the probationary period (12 consecutive months).
  4. When can I retire voluntarily?
    FERS (Federal Employee Retirement System) minimum retirement age and thirty years of service.

    1. FERS minimum retirement age 60 and 20 years of service.
    2. FERS minimum retirement age 62 and 5 years of service.
    3. FERS minimum retirement age plus and 10 years of service.
    4. CSRS (Civil Service Retirement Service) age 55 and 30 years of service.
  5. What military time can I buy back?
    All Title 10 Honorable Active Duty and Title 32 under USERRA Law that was served during federal technician tenure.
  6. When can I use donated leave?
    After all leave has been used.
  7. How can I accure more leave time?
    Submit to HRO all Title 10 orders / DD 214s with Honorable Discharge to HRO Benefits Section, HRO will calculate your service computation date.  Military time that is:

    1. Less than 3 years = accure 4 hours a pay period;
    2. Less than 15 years = accure 6 hours a pay period; or
    3. Over 15 years = accure 8 hours a pay period.
  8. What information do I need to submit to buy back my technician TSP (Thrift Savings Plan)?
    The documents needed are:
  9. All your leave earning statements from the start of your orders to completion of your deployment.
  10. Your military orders
  11. Submit all these documents to the HRO benefits section along with a TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) Buyback form fill-out. Our office will then mail out the information.
  12. If I was deployed for a contingency, can I still cancel my FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits)?
    Yes, you need to fill out a SF 2810 (Notice of change in Health Benefits Enrollment) and USERRA checklist prior to deploying to let HRO know what you want accomplished.
  13.  How do I change / update my benefits?
    Go to www.abc.army.mil and open EBIS (Employee Benefit Information System) link on top right hand side of screen. Access site with your pin. If you do not have a pin or you are a new employee, register for site access.  Click on circle icon labeled “Transactions” then choose the benefit to open and change / update.
    For information on Dental and Vision benefits, go to www.opm.gov/insure.   To enroll for Dental and Vision benefits, use the FEDVIPS website at www.benefeds.com.  
  14.  How do I view what health carriers are available for me?
    Go to www.opm.gov/insure.  Click on the state you live in to view list (Non postal worker bi-weekly pay).


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