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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flight School requirements?
1.Must be in the New Jersey Army National Guard for a minimum of one year
2.All requirements must be completed by 27 1/2 years of age.
3.Must take an Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test and score 90 or above.
4.You must score 110 or higher on the GT section of your entrance exam. (ASVAB)
5.Must complete and pass a "Class 1" Flight Physical.
6.Must submit letters of recommendation (3 minimum).
7.Must be able to satisfactorily meet Officer Federal Recognition requirements, to include Secret clearance authorization.

Can I transfer to the NJ Army National Guard?
Rated Aviators who would like to transfer to the New Jersey Army National Guard need to submit the following:

1.Cover Letter (Why you want to be a member of the NJARNG)
2.Last three Officer Evaluation Reports (OER's)
3.Qualified Class II Flight Physical (most recent) and most current DA Form 4186
4.DA Form 759 Close out (most recent)
5.Letters of Recommendation (3 minimum)
6.List Achievements/Commendations
7.Highest level of civilian education (diploma/transcript)
8.Highest level of military education (diploma/DA Form 1059)

How do I request for Airlift support?
All requestors must use the DD Form 2768. (Reference Aviation USE SOP 95-5 5 JAN 98) All Non-DOD
requests for aviation support must contact the Aviation Office to coordinate reimbursement costs.

Fax number for SAAO, (609) 530-4794
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