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Don't text. Don't call. Just drive.

FACT: Texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. At 55 mph, that is enough time to drive the length of a football field - blindfolded.

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It is important to Just Drive

Texting, talking, using a map - basically anything other than driving - is dangerous because it takes your attention away from the road. 25 percent of all accidents involve drivers who use a cell phone - accidents can result in serious, lifelong injuries and death. It is time to put the phone down and Just Drive.

Know the Law!

New Law
The fines for talking or texting on a handheld device have increased, with a potential maximum fine of $600 and a 90 day driver's license suspension.

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Safety Tips

  • Turn your phone off or put the ringer on silent to avoid the urge to answer.
  • Put your phone in a secure location that is easy to reach in case of emergency.
  • Never dial while driving - move to a safe area off of the road.
  • Prior to driving, store important contact information in your phone.
  • Use a hands-free unit so that both of your hands are on the steering wheel at all times.
  • Prior to driving, set up your voicemail to take messages.

Know the Law!

The fines for talking or texting on a handheld device have increased.


$200 minimum


$400 minimum


$600 minimum plus possible 90-day suspension of driver's license and three (3) motor vehicle penalty points.
Although it is discouraged, drivers may use a hands-free device if it does not interfere with standard safety equipment. "Use" of a wireless phone and any other handheld communication device IS PROHIBITED, AND INCLUDES talking or listening to another person, texting or sending and receiving electronic messages.

A handheld phone may be used for an emergency only and the driver must keep one hand on the wheel at all times.

True Stories

We have all seen and experienced other drivers doing unusual and unsafe things -- from texting and eating, to shaving and reading maps. We want to hear your true story from the road! Click here/below to share.
I'm a runner and can't even count the number of times cars blow through stop signs,and cross solid line, almost hitting me! #justdrive cool
Joe - Deptford
Text messaging makes a crash 23X more likely.
Texting while driving is like drunk driving. I rear ended a metal truck and totaled my car. I knocked his muffler off. Im
lucky no one got hurt!
Heather - South Jersey
Text messaging makes a crash 23X more likely.
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Share Your Story

Tell us your experiences driving on New Jersey's roads! Don't text or talk while you drive! Submit your story and you will have an opportunity to receive a FREE phone koozie and other great Just Drive gear. (while limited supplies last)

I was driving on 78 a teenager maybe 19 was texting and driving, I saw her almost die, she hit a guardrail and totaled her car. Stop texting
Amanda - Phillipsburg
I had an accident about 3 months ago as a pedestrian on cross walk, because a driver doesn't saw me, when he was using his cell phone.
Tathiana Smith - Lodi
My best friend was killed because someone was using their phone on the NJ Turnpike. I just don't get how this isn't important to drivers. 
Kelly - Kearny
Too many close-calls should scare someone; even one should do the same. If not a dire emergency (pull over, in this case), the phone can wait.
Rob - Union County
I was driving on the Turnpike headed to NYC when I saw someone reading the paper while driving. How is that allowed? 
Anonymous -
I leave my phone alone in my purse while i am driving. 
Meg - Sicklerville, NJ
I was just in a car accident. The other person was on the phone 
Megan - Sicklerville, NJ
I was driving at an intersection where I had the right of way, a yellow light -the other driver was looking at his phone and hit me.
Silvia - Nutley
I sit at an intersection each morning counti the # of persons I see texting and driving, it is terrifying to know they are on the road
Patricia - Hasbrouck Hts
Could it really not wait? that's what I tell myself whenever I feel the urge to pull the phone while driving
Lisa - Lakewood
I always see people using their phones in some way while they're driving...
They see it as normal, I see it as an accident waiting to happen...
Colin - Wanaque
Most times when I pass a car driving way below the speed limit, the driver has their head down and their cell phone in their hand. 
Terry - Ramsey
I never text and drive because i was a victim back in 2013 in a 5 car accident and the one person was distracted driving. I will never text and drive.
Megan - Sicklerville, NJ
Not only do I NEVER TEXT while driving, I prefer not to TALK while driving! FCC has Power to Inmobilize a device while vehicle is Mobile, do it! 
James - Jackson
cryneighbor so busy on his cell phone,ran over a little girl and then backed the car back over her not realiization that he had already ran over her,dead
sheila - so plainfield
While walking to school Im always careful when crossing a particular main road, ive heard people get hit there because of texting and driving
Pedro - Paterson
Today I pulled over off the road to switch a song from my phone that was Bluetooth paired with my car. I was so proud of my self. 😏🎶
Rene - Chester
I was almost hit head on by a person texting.  They looked up at the last minute and avoided a collision  
Tom - Cranbury
My story is one of anti texting in driving. About 7 years ago I gave up using my phone while driving as a New Years resolution and stuck to it. 
Susan - Bordentown
I drive a large pick up so I can see into most cars that is rare that I pass someone who is NOT texting.  Very sad
Frank - Nj
I have seen many people talking and texting while driving and they should put the phone down and JUST DRIVE !!! Your life is more important !!
Pauline - Browns Mills, New Jersey
I would rather lose a minute of my life THAN my life in a minute! .   Mary Bugbee Ocean county NJ

Mary Bugbee - Ocean County NJ
Once in stop and go traffic, someone was texting the entire time and wouldn't go when traffic started to move. They also nearly hit someone in front of them.
Lyn - Central Jersey
The amount of times that people are stopped at green lights because they're texting and not paying attention is appalling. Pay attention! Just Drive!
Brendan - Englewood
Lucky for me my car has sync so I have no reason to touch my car if I want to make a call or send a text I use sync w/o even touching my phone 
Frank - NJ
I always wait or pull over if I want to use my phone 
Frank - Morris County NJ
People are constantly driving in my area 10 miles per hour below the speed limit because they're on the phone I live in NJ in Morris County 
Frank - East Hanover NJ
16People are constantly driving on Route 1 above the speed limit on there cell phone.people have no regards for their life or safe!
Ann - Trenton
The problem is that sentencing is not stiff enough.  It is a serious offense.  you should face jail time if caught texting while driving.  Right now punishment doesn't fit the crime. 
mike - new york
I was headed down south and was texting on my phone while driving. I slammed on the breaks and barely missed the car and median. Wake up call!
Mike Talty - Iselin
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