Non-driver Identification Card

New Jersey residents 14 years of age and older may apply for a non-driver photo identification (ID). The non-driver ID is issued solely for the purpose of providing identification and is not a license to drive.

If customers have driver’s licenses from another state they are not eligible for a non-driver ID card.

Customers that are suspended can downgrade to non-driver ID Card until their suspension is resolved. Customers can schedule an appointment and complete and bring a  Non-driver ID Application (Form BA-208).  

This non-driver identification card must be obtained by scheduling an appointment at any Licensing Center.

The fee for renewal of the non-driver ID card is $24, the fee for a duplicate or lost ID card is $11.

Renew your non-driver ID online

Obtaining a non-driver identification card

  • All initial non-driver identification cards must be obtained in-person by scheduling an appointment and any Licensing Center.
  • Complete the Application for Permit/License/Non-Driver ID (Form BA-208).
  • Pass the 6 Points of ID requirements.  
  • Pay the $24 fee. For your convenience, the MVC accepts American Express® card, MasterCard®, Visa® card, Discover card®, checks, money orders and cash.
  • Your new non-driver ID will be mailed to you.

Obtaining a non-driver identification card (persons with a disability)

Any New Jersey resident 14 years of age and older with a disability can apply for a non-driver ID, issued solely for the purpose of providing identification. It is not a license to drive and cannot be used to park in a person(s) with a disability parking space. There is no renewal fee for this non-driver ID card. For more information on Person(s) with a disability parking, visit: Wheelchair symbol Plates and Placards.


We are required to capture a customer’s full face when taking a picture for a driver license or non-driver ID card; therefore we need to be able to see from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin.  If you have a medical or religious need to wear a head covering in your photo, please advise the MVC staff at the agency camera station.