The Highlands Regional Master Plan (RMP) guides implementation of the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act of 2004.

Adopted RMP, Addenda, and Accompanying Technical Reports

The Highlands Act required creation of the RMP and specified its goal: “The goal of the regional master plan with respect to the entire Highlands Region shall be to protect and enhance the significant values of the resources thereof in a manner which is consistent with the purposes and provisions of this act.”

The Highlands Regional Master Plan is accompanied by the following technical reports:

State Plan Endorsement

On November 4, 2020 the New Jersey State Planning Commission passed Resolution 2020-12 Endorsing the Highlands Regional Master Plan.

Additional Guidance
RMP Factual Updates/Corrections

The Highlands Regional Master Plan authorizes updates to all substantive components of the RMP, based on the receipt of new, corrected or updated factual information and verification by the Highlands Council, when and where necessary to improve the accuracy of the RMP (Policy 6G1).

RMP factual updates may affect data, maps and other information used within the RMP. These updates are proposed by municipalities through the Plan Conformance process, or identified by Highlands Council staff through internal reviews and receipt of new data layers from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, the Office of Information Technology, other state departments, and other entities.

RMP factual updates are approved based on verification of the information provided. All updates are tracked and document through the Plan Conformance process, and are available on individual municipality pages and incorporated into RMP GIS data. Additional information regarding the process for requesting RMP factual updates is available by contacting a Highlands Council Liaison.