New Jersey State Police Recruiting

Tattoo / Body Art / Brands Policy

The below information is provided for your information and compliance.

  • No tattoos/body art/brands on an applicant’s face, head, neck, scalp, hands, or any part of the exposed body. If the tattoos/body art/brands are deemed visible when in uniform or in civilian clothing while on duty, the tattoos/body art/brands must be removed and healed prior to the Medical Phase of the selection process. This includes any degree of visible and deliberate altering or mutilation of the human anatomy in the interest of artistic or other form of self-expression, including, but not limited to: piercing, skin implants, gauges, forking of the tongue, dental ornamentation, etc.
  • No applicant shall publicly or privately display a tattoo/body art/brand that is prejudicial to good order, discipline, or causes a discredit to the member or the Division while acting in any capacity.
  • In addition to the Tattoo / Body Art / Brands Policy, dermal piercing and scarification are also not permitted.
  • Compliance with these requirements is not required until the time of the medical phase of the selection process. Applicants who remain noncompliant with these standards will not be appointed to the Academy.
  • Questions regarding this policy shall be directed to the Selection Process Unit, Recruiting and Employee Development Bureau, at (609) 882-2000, extensions 2816, 2817, or 2825.