52:4B-1 Short Title
52:4B-3Victims of Crime Compensation Board; members; appointment; allocation to department of law and public safety
52:4B-3.1Board renamed Victims of Crime Compensation Agency
52:4B-4Term of office; reappointment; removal; compensation
52:4B-4.1Tenure of member with 10 years of service
52:4B-5Employment of experts, assistants and employees
52:4B-5.1Victims of Crime Compensation Board is authorized to obtain direct access to criminal history records
52:4B-6Principal office; place of conduct of affairs
52:4B-8Attorney fees
52:4B-8.1Uniform system for tracking and collection of assessments, fines, restitutions and penalties
52:4B-9Rules and regulations; determination of compensation
52:4B-10Persons entitled to compensation; order
52:4B-10.1Emergency award
52:4B-10.2 Compensation for victims not suffering personal injury
52:4B-11Causes of personal injury or death
52:4B-12Losses or expenses reimbursable
52:4B-13Panel of impartial medical experts
52:4B-14 Reports of treatment or examination of injured person or decedent
52:4B-15Order for appointment of impartial medical experts; direction of examination; report
52:4B-16Notice of examination; time of report; expert as witness at hearing
52:4B-17Fees of designated expert
52:4B-18Limitation of action; determination of board; ..........
52:4B-18.1Increased compensation; applicability
52:4B-19 Amounts receivable from other sources; filing of order for compensation; authorization for payment
52:4B-20Subrogation of board to cause of action of victim against person responsible for personal injury or death
52:4B-22Distribution of information
52:4B-23Failure to give notice; immunity from liability; nonalteration of requirements
52:4B-24 Senior citizens public awareness program
52:4B-25Victim counseling service
52:4B-25.1 Child and family counseling service
52:4B-26Legislative findings and declarations
52:4B-28Proceeds from contract regarding reenactment with person accused or convicted of crime; deposit in escrow account; civil action for damages.
52:4B-29 Notice to victim regarding escrowed funds
52:4B-30Payment of money from escrow account; priorities; liens and judgments
52:4B-31Limitation of action
52:4B-32 Proceeds of escrow account used for legal fees
52:4B-33 Actions to defeat purpose of act against public policy
52:4B-34Short title
52:4B-35 Legislative findings and declarations
52:4B-36 Rights of crime victims and witnesses
52:4B-37Victim defined
52:4B-38 Inapplicability of act to claims under Tort Claims Act
52:4B-40 Office of victim-witness assistance; establishment
52:4B-41 Victim-witness rights information program; establishment
52:4B-42 Purposes of victim-witness rights information program
52:4B-43 Office of victim-witness advocacy; establishment
52:4B-43.1 Victim and witness advocacy fund; services provided; organizations eligible for grants
52:4B-44Standards to insure rights of crime victims
52:4B-45County victim-witness coordinator
52:4B-46 Coordination of law enforcement agency efforts
52:4B-47 Training courses for law enforcement personnel
52:4B-48 Implementation of guidelines and training; assistance
52:4B-50 Findings, declarations relative to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program
52:4B-51 Statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program
52:4B-52 Duties of program coordinator; "rape care advocate" defined
52:4B-53 Certification process for forensic sexual assault nurse examiners; qualifications
52:4B-54 Sexual Assault Response Team in each county
52:4B-55 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Coordinating Council
52:4B-56 Sexual assault unit within Department of Law and Public Safety
52:4B-57 Immunity from liability for authorized forensic sexual assault examinations
52:4B-58 Continuation of existing program
52:4B-59 Statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Fund
52:4B-60 Rules, regulations, guidelines
52:4B-61 Findings, declarations relative to profits related to crime
52:4B-62 Definitions relative to profits related to crime
52:4B-63 Requirement for written notice of payment to board
52:4B-64 Crime victim right to bring civil action for damages; statute of limitations
52:4B-65 Notice of filing of action to board
52:4B-66 Actions of board upon receipt of notice from crime victim
52:4B-67 Provisional remedies available to board, plaintiff
52:4B-68 Failure to give notice of payment; notice of hearing, proceedings; findings, penalties
52:4B-69 Cause of action by crime victim for enhanced value of memorabilia gained from crime
52:4B-70 Severability