New Jersey is engaged in a planning process to create an energy master plan that will offer a long-term energy vision for the state’s energy needs through 2020.  Governor Corzine announced the plan’s formulation in October 2006.



As an active participant in the creation of the Energy Master Plan process, the Department of the Public Advocate and its Division of Rate Counsel is making recommendations and assessments for this important effort that will affect ratepayers, the state’s energy supply and the environment for years to come.


A key focus for Rate Counsel in this process is to ensure that the plan’s development is supported by sound cost/benefit analyses to ensure that the goals of the plan are met at the lowest cost to ratepayers.


 “We look forward to working with people throughout the state to craft an energy plan that meets consumers’ needs, is environmentally sound and cost effective,” said Public Advocate Ronald K. Chen.


The Energy Master Plan will fundamentally address three areas:

  • Security, safety and reliability of prices of energy supply and services
  • Economic impact of energy production, transportation, and end use
  • Environmental impact associated with the production of energy


New Jersey’s demand for energy in the last decade has grown three times faster than its population. Today, the state is heavily reliant on conventional fuels, yet has no conventional fuel resources of its own. 


To meet the growing gap between in-state generation capacity and demand, New Jersey currently imports 25 percent of its electricity produced in other states mainly at conventional power plants. Conventional power plants produce carbon dioxide emissions -- a greenhouse gas that causes global warming.


Members of the public will be actively engaged in the Energy Master Plan through a series of stakeholder meetings around the state. A draft of the plan is scheduled for release on or before July 10, 2007, and public hearings are slated for the week of Sept. 10, 2007.


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