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The NJBAC Cannabis Training Academy is coming. NJBAC to provide Technical Assistance and Training to Cannabis Business License Applicants

NJBAC to Provide Technical Assistance and Training to Cannabis Business License Applicants

Coming in 2023: for Social Equity, Legacy, Impact Zone, Microbusiness and Diverse-Owned Applicants Eligible for No-Cost Training

NJBAC has been designated by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) to provide no-cost technical assistance, training and mentorship to recreational cannabis license applicants.

This support is critical to ensure that applicants in the social equity, legacy, Impact Zone, diversely-owned and microbusiness categories get the support they need.

In the last several months, NJBAC has met with cannabis groups, founders, community leaders and educators, nonprofits, advocates and individuals throughout New Jersey and across the country to learn what needs to be included in the NJBAC Cannabis Training Academy. With their input, we’ve already begun to plan content that we plan to roll out in the first half of 2023.

This initial training will be a combination of pre-recorded webinars followed by live, virtual question-and-answer sessions twice a month where applicants can ask mentors specific questions and receive non-legal guidance and direction. All classes in the Academy will be taught by faculty who are in or have supported, taught or consulted to the cannabis industry.

The goal of the technical assistance and training program is to ensure equitable representation and support qualified applicants impacted most by enforcement of cannabis prohibition, people of color, people deeply impacted by high poverty and in disproportionately affected areas.


Register as a Vendor

Interested in being an instructor, trainer or mentor with the NJBAC Cannabis Training Academy? Here’s where to find the forms to be eligible.

10 Ways to Prepare for Submitting Your Application

Here are some steps to think about and follow in advance of starting your cannabis application.


How NJBAC Can Assist Cannabis Applicants

All items below are required to register on the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission portal.

BUSINESS NAME: Your business name reflects your brand and is your first piece of marketing. To check availability for the name you want, visit:
EIN Number: Your EIN # registers your company for federal tax purposes. Once you know your name is available, visit https://www.IRS.gov.
Create Legal Entity/Business Registration to set up your legal structure and all your accounts, including employee withholding and state taxes. Visit https://www.nj.gov/treasury/revenue/gettingregistered.shtml.

After completing the steps above, register as a woman/minority/veteran-owned or small business. Learn about business certification and eligibility at: https://www.nj.gov/treasury/revenue/business-cert-program.shtml

Any questions, call the NJBAC at 1-800-Jersey7 OR
Chat with the NJBAC online at: www.business.nj.gov


Have A Question About Your NJ Business?

Call Our Business Helpline
1-800-Jersey-7 (1-800-537-7397)



Business.NJ.gov can take your business step-by-step through critical government processes. Want to talk through your specific business needs with a live representative? Visit Business.nj.gov to access the live chat feature and connect with NJBAC experts in real time.

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