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The Market Revolution in New Jersey

Grades 5 through 8
Books, Articles and Teachers Guides

"Artisans and Industries, 1800-1880"
(Apprentices, Journeymen, and Masters; the Industrial Revolution, Artisans Respond)
pp. 17-26, In Workers in New Jersey History
Joseph Gowaskie. New Jersey History Series. Trenton: New Jersey Historical Commission, 1996

Audio and Video

Monopolies and Mechanics
A 30-minute television documentary about New Jersey in the early nineteenth century. A co-production of New Jersey Network and the New Jersey Historical Commission, 1999

Newarkartisans (Online Video Clip)
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Online Lectures

Susan Hirsch, "Industrializing Crafts, Creating a Working Class in Newark"
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Don Skemer, "David Alling's Chair Manufactory
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Internet Sites

New Jersey History Partnership Project
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