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SMASH Series: Spectacularly Merging Art, Science & History
SMASH Series - Spectacular Merging Art, Science & History
Join us for the SMASH Series – Spectacularly Merging Art, Science and History!
Each SMASH event has a theme and explores the fascinating intersection of science, art and history. Visitors discover an array of hands-on activities, experiments, and demonstrations, meet the Museum’s experts and examine our collections through the lens of science.

June 23, 2018 – SMASH: Fossils!
11 am – 3 pm

Explore what it means to be a paleontologist, how fossils are discovered, and the rich history of New Jersey’s prehistoric life.

Have you found something interesting in your backyard, playing in a creek, or even on the beach? Bring your fossil finds for identification by the Museum’s paleontologists! Meet fossil hunters and learn how you can hunt for clues to the past and build your own collection.

Excavate, identify, and reconstruct fossils through paleontology activities, make-and-take creations, and games. Learn about what happens to fossils when they reach the Museum, and meet our newest additions, Hadrosaurus foulkii and Mosasaurus maximus!

SMASH Event kids playing SMASH Event kids having fun
SMASH Event kids playing with paint March Event - Prehistoric Adventure