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The physical office of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission may be closed due to a wider closure of State of New Jersey government offices, but WE WILL REMAIN OPERATIVE via phone and e-mail. During this uncertain time, please reach out to us via our e-mail address ( and staff members will respond either by e-mail or phone, as required. If your business or livelihood is being impacted by the COVID-19/Novel Coronavirus outbreak, please visit the following web site:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for the self-employed and independent contractors in New Jersey:


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The Production Services Directory is your comprehensive guide to production related personnel, goods and services available in New Jersey. Search the category index below and click for detailed service information.


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Student Internships

A. What is a student internship?
An internship is an opportunity for New Jersey college students to gain valuable exposure to the world of professional film and television production. The internship program is sponsored by the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission. Interns typically work two days per week, on weekdays only.

B. Who is eligible for an internship?
New Jersey residents who are currently attending a college or university. Non-New Jersey residents who are currently attending a New Jersey college or university.

C. What kinds of internships are available?
There are two kinds of student internships:

  1. An internship at the Executive Office of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission. This internship can be either full-time or part-time during the fall, spring or summer semesters, depending on the needs and availability of the student. The duties consist of general office work, assistance in filling specific production requests, location researching and scouting. Interns assigned to the Executive Office are given preference for short-term location assignments with a film or television company.
  2. Short-term location assignments with film or television production companies. These internships occur regularly, but with little prior notice. Their length and nature will vary according to the needs of the producer and the availability of the student. The work can consist of (but is not limited to) site surveys, liaison with the Commission office, general assistance, etc.

D. Does the intern receive a salary or other financial compensation?
At this time the Commission internship is unsalaried, although job-related expenses incurred will be reimbursed.

E. How many credits can I receive for an internship?
There is no set number of credits attached to an internship. Credits to be granted will be determined by the college in which you are enrolled and should be arranged by the faculty liaison for your institution.

F. May I take other courses while assigned to an internship?
Additional course work will depend upon the amount of time occupied by the internship, the hours at which the courses are scheduled and/or the flexibility of the internship schedule, the location, etc. Any additional courses should be arranged so that they do not interfere with the internship.

G. How do I apply for an internship?
Print out the application form and send it along with a brief resume and any letters of recommendation from college faculty, or current or previous employers, to:

David W. Schoner Jr.
Production Coordinator
NJ Motion Picture and Television Commission
P.O. Box 47023
Newark, New Jersey 07101.

Dowload the Application Form

Bulletin Board

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2021
CONTACT: Neem Basha,, 917-843-9398


The event was one of the world’s first in-person festivals since March 2020

Creators and supporters are heaping praise on the festival for its “creator-first” approach

Among the honors given at the festival, a 10-year-old boy born with Chiari malformation was honored with the first “Excellence and Courage” Award

The festival gave fiction podcast creators their first “film festival experience”

MONTCLAIR–– The New Jersey Web Festival (NJ WebFest) held its third edition on September 16-19, 2021, making it one of the first in-person festivals to take place since March 2020. The highly-acclaimed festival, ranked one of the “Top-100 Best Reviewed Festivals” in the world based on filmmaker reviews on Film Freeway, welcomed creators from all over the United States, as well as global creators from New Zealand, Canada, Czech Republic, South America, and France, among other regions.

This year, the NJ WebFest made history as the first web festival to expand to include Fiction Podcasts, giving this massively popular art form a film festival experience for the first time and paving the way for more industry professionals to learn about the fiction podcast medium.

The four-day festival included a series of workshops hosted by prominent writers, actors, and industry leaders, including a talkback with “Love Life” Co-Showrunner Rachelle Williams, and Masterclasses with Emmy-Award winner Chris Cluess and longtime TV producer Dan Pasternack. The festival also presented more than 225 screenings of web series, fiction podcasts, music videos, and trailers from all over the world.

The closing award ceremonies and receptions for both the Web Series and Fiction Podcast divisions of the festival were held at The Manor in West Orange, NJ, on Sunday, September 19th. Seventy total awards were presented at the highly-acclaimed galas. The list of winners features an eclectic list of projects, highlighting the variety of submissions the festival receives annually. Photo galleries of the events can be viewed on the New Jersey WebFest Facebook page.

“It has been a turbulent year-and-a-half, and that is what made this year’s edition of New Jersey WebFest bigger than ever,” said Neem Basha, NJ WebFest founder and president. “We celebrate creativity always, but this year, we celebrated creativity that has survived chaos and confusion. We are living through a pandemic, but on the week of the festival, we were there to show love to each other and value each other’s work. Our tagline is ‘Feel the Magic,’ and this year, it was more accurate than ever. We all felt it.”

NJ WebFest also presented a special honor called the “Excellence and Courage Award” to a 10-year-old boy, Steven Spice, who was born with Chiari malformation, an inoperable condition in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. Basha learned of Spice’s story when he came across the boy’s YouTube web series where he interviews famous professional wrestling stars. Spice’s never-give-up attitude impressed the festival team, but he was unable to attend the festival in person, so the NJ WebFest sent representatives to present him with the award at his home in Toronto and officially announced the award with a video package played at the gala.

Reviews have been pouring in since the festival. Here are some samples:

This festival is a must! Neem and his team are so passionate about creators and they do everything they can to support them in this festival! Amazing energy, excitement, and so much heart.
- Ashley Monique Menard, “The Art of Blowing It”

The NJ WebFest has an incredibly warm, inclusive, supportive atmosphere. It didn’t feel like a competition at all, but rather a big party for like-minded nerds to celebrate each other.
- Third Person, “Midst”

The entire festival and communication with the organizers was such a great experience. Not only was it fun, but it was educational with all the great panels they had. If you have a web series, you HAVE to submit, you will not regret it!
- Narmar Hanna, “The Luxury Rental”

Wow! Just wow! NJ WebFest is spectacular! Super well organized and a gala award night that you'll never forget. The organizers are fun and care about artists. We were so grateful to be a part of this festival. Absolutely worth the admission fee. #FeeltheMagic
- Kelsea Edgerly, “Stuck!”

The 70+ five-star reviews can be viewed on the festival’s Film Freeway page.

Neem Basha, an award-winning filmmaker and alumnus of several web and film festivals, founded the New Jersey Web Festival in 2017. The fiction podcast wing of the festival is chaired by Ned Donovan, a multi-hyphenate award-winning creator who brought the fiction podcast brainchild to Basha in 2019.

Submissions are open for 2022. Web series, fiction podcasts, music videos, trailers, and pilots can submit their projects at

CONTACT: Anne Thornton

Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™ Wins Telly Award

Named Silver Winner for Non-Broadcast Nature/Wildlife in 42nd Annual Award Program

HUNTERDON COUNTY, N.J.Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™ announced today that its episode “Hot Sauce” has been named a Silver Winner for Non-Broadcast, General-Nature/Wildlife in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honors excellence in video and television across all screens and is judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks and production companies.

In 2020, Thornton “Thor” Giese developed his own series of experiential science videos, Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™, which was picked up by the Emmy-winning Into the Outdoors network which currently airs on PBS in 27 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. The science academy tackles the elements of earth, air, fire and water in fun and relatable ways. Exploring these elements through science, history, language, food and great stories, Thor taps into his experience as an archaeologist and museum educator to bring the subjects alive for the audience.

“I am so blown away and honored to be recognized with a Telly Award. In 2020, I had just gotten a dream job with New Jersey Fish & Wildlife when the position was frozen due to the pandemic. I then switched gears and created the Outdoor Science Academy,” Thor Giese said. “To have gone from that to this in just a year is remarkable, and validates all the hard work my team and I have done to create fun, engaging and educational science videos. The Telly Awards recognizes some of the best work in the business, and I am so proud to be a part of their esteemed list of winners.”

The winning episode, “Hot Sauce,” features Thor sharing the history of hot chili peppers, why hot peppers are used and shows him making his own sauce (in fast motion!).

“In the face of a year like no other, Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™ has continued to defy the limitations of our new world, in continuing to create compelling and engaging work”, said Telly Awards Executive Director Sabrina Dridje. “This year’s submissions doubled down on what we already know about the industry. Creativity cannot be stopped. Collaboration will always prevail. New ideas and stories will always find a way to break through to an audience.”

This year saw the continued expansion of new categories to reflect and celebrate new forms of producing work in light of the past months’ restrictions and limitations. New categories included Remote Production, Virtual Events & Experiences and an increase in animation categories.

Last year, The Telly Awards attracted more than 12,000 entries from top video content producers including Adobe, Adult Swim, the BBC, Condé Nast, J. Paul Getty Museum, PBS, Playstation, RadicalMedia, T Brand Studio, Ogilvy & Mather and The Walt Disney Company.

The full list of the 42nd Annual Telly Awards winners can be found at

To watch Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™, tune into Thor's YouTube channel.

On his website, Thor features his science and cooking segments, as well as recommendations on books, podcasts and other ponderings.

About Thor Giese & Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy
With a degree in anthropology from the University of Colorado in Denver, Thor worked as an archaeologist on numerous digs and excavation sites, as well as served as a resident educator at Dinosaur Ridge, an outdoor museum in Colorado known as one of the world’s most famous dinosaur fossil localities. Easily educating over 200,000 museum guests in his time, Thor learned how to make science come alive and connect with others.

Combining his love for science with a passion for education, beginning in 2020, Thor developed a series of experiential science videos, Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™, where he tackles the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Exploring these elements through science, history, language, food and great stories, Thor is entertaining and educating viewers of all ages on our great big world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Learn more about Thor’s Outdoor Science Academy™ at or follow on social media at:

About The Telly Awards
The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Entrants are judged by The Telly Awards Judging Council — an industry body of more than 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies, and major television networks, reflective of the multiscreen industry The Telly Awards celebrates. Partners of The Telly Awards include Ghetto Film School, We Are Parable, LAPPG, NAB, Stash, Storyhunter, NYWIFT, Production Hub, IFP and Social Media Week.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2021
CONTACT: Neem Basha,, 917-843-9398


The festival – ranked one of the “Top-100 Best Reviewed Festivals” in the world -- returns for its third year, after postponing in 2020 due to the pandemic

Speaking engagements include current “Love Life” on HBO Max’s Co-Showrunner, Rachelle Williams and Emmy-Award winner Chris Cluess

Award nominees include stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jeff Goldblum, Lisa Loeb, and brothers Kevin and Michael Bacon

MONTCLAIR –– Today, the New Jersey Web Festival (NJ WebFest) announces that the highly-acclaimed festival will return to New Jersey on September 16-19, 2021. Since 2018, the festival has brought international digital media to New Jersey, joining the ranks of Los Angeles; Seoul, Korea; Marseille, France; Melbourne, Australia; and other global markets that host webfests annually. In its first year, the NJ WebFest became one of the “Top-100 Best Reviewed Festivals” in the world, based on filmmaker reviews on Film Freeway, an online submission portal that hosts 10,000 festivals globally.

This year, the NJ WebFest makes history as the first webfest to expand to include Fiction Podcasts, giving this massively popular art form a film festival experience for the first time and paving the way for more industry professionals to learn about the fiction podcast medium. There are 58 fiction podcast series from around the world accepted to the festival, joining the 175 web series, music videos, pilots, and trailers that are in the 2021 NJ WebFest.

The four-day festival will include a series of workshops hosted by prominent writers, actors, and industry leaders, including a talkback with “Love Life” Co-Showrunner Rachelle Williams, and Masterclasses with Emmy-Award winner Chris Cluess & longtime TV producer Dan Pasternack. The festival will also present more than 225 screenings of web series, fiction podcasts, and music videos from all over the world.

Notable entries from the 230+ official selections are Mission Possible with Eric LeGrand, guest starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; Click on This Show, guest starring Kevin and Michael Bacon; Dark Dice, starring Jeff Goldblum; and Meet Cute, featuring legendary 90s singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb (“Stay”) in a supporting role.

The closing award ceremonies and receptions for both the Web Series and Fiction Podcast divisions of the festival will be held at The Manor in West Orange, NJ, on Sunday, September 19th. Seventy total awards will be presented at the highly-acclaimed galas, including “Direct Selection” awards, in which shows will be sent to New Jersey’s partner festivals, such as Seoul Webfest, Rio Webfest, New Zealand Webfest, and others. Additionally, $200 cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the festival’s pitch contest, titled “The 200-Dollar Dash.”

The New Jersey Web Festival program will be as follows:

Thursday, September 16, 2021
  1. Opening Welcome Ceremony, Vanguard Theater Company, 180 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, 9:00am.
  2. Screenings/Talkbacks at Vanguard Theater Company beginning at 10:00am.
  3. Panels, Vanguard Theater Company, 2:30pm Let’s Synergize, a conversation on finding synergies between Web Series and Fiction Podcast creators with industry veteran Elena Moscatt and NJ WebFest Board Member Ned Donovan.
  4. Screenings/Talkbacks at Vanguard Theater Company continue at 5:00pm.
Friday, September 17, 2021
  1. Screenings/Talkbacks, Vanguard Theater Company, 180 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, 9:00am.
  2. Workshop, Vanguard Theater Company, 2:30pm: Rachelle Williams, Co-Showrunner of HBO Max’s “Love Life” talks to festival attendees about how she brings character, heart, and humor to her comedy.
  3. 200-Dollar Dash!, Vanguard Theater Company, an “elevator pitch” contest with the winners receiving $200. The twist: Web Series attendees will pitch Fiction Podcast creators and vice versa!
  4. Screenings/Talkbacks at Vanguard Theater Company continue at 4:30pm.
  5. Official After-Party at Just Jake’s, 30 Park St, Montclair, 6:30pm.
Saturday, September 18, 2021
  1. Screenings/Talkbacks, Vanguard Theater Company, 180 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, 9:30am.
  2. Masterclasses, Vanguard Theater Company, 2:30pm: Emmy Award-Winning industry veteran Chris Cluess of “Night Court”, “The Simpsons”, and more leads a Masterclass on writing the best characters and engaging dialogue; Executive Producer Dan Pasternack, who worked with ITV and Adult Swim, among others, leads a Masterclass on the hardest part of getting a show made, The Art of the Pitch.
  3. Special Guest: Bryan Thompson, Vanguard Theater Company, successful indie creator and Miami WebFest founder Bryan Thompson talks about how he is so successful at producing and distributing content, and has a special announcement about the future of his festival.
  4. Screenings/Talkbacks Continue, Vanguard Theater Company, 4:30pm.
Sunday, September 19, 2021
  1. The Inaugural Fiction Podcast Awards Gala, at The Manor, 111 Prospect Avenue, West Orange, 12pm: dining, DJ, entertainment, and the presentation of 27 awards.
  2. Red Carpet Web Series Awards Gala, at The Manor, 111 Prospect Avenue, West Orange, 7pm: dining, unlimited drinks, DJ, entertainment, and the presentation of 50 awards.

Award-winning web series creator Neem Basha, an alumnus of several web and film festivals as creator of web series Neem’s Themes, founded the New Jersey Web Festival after seeing the emergence of webfests worldwide.

“After my show Neem’s Themes was selected to take part in – and won awards at – several web festivals around the world, I made relationships with the festival directors and learned a lot about what it takes to run a festival,” said Neem Basha, NJ WebFest founder and director. “I realized that, with over 60 web festivals throughout the US and the world, New Jersey was conspicuously missing from the web festival map. As soon as we announced the festival in 2017, hundreds of international shows submitted, global festivals partnered with us, and the buzz online in the web series community was palpable. Folks were ready for a New Jersey WebFest. And now, in year three, following a year off due to the pandemic, we are primed and ready to deliver the best edition yet.”

“We at the Seoul Webfest and Asia Web Awards strongly support our Jersey partners,” said Young Man Kang, founder of the Seoul Webfest. “As the director of the only web series festival in Asia, and a long-time filmmaker, I can see that the NJ WebFest has quickly made its mark among festivals, and will continue to grow bigger and better.”

“The New Jersey WebFest epitomizes what a festival should be,” said Bryan Thompson, founder of the Miami Webfest. “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve been to a great deal of festivals; I can honestly say that the New Jersey WebFest keeps getting better every year. I look forward to being part of it again in 2021.”

All filmmakers received a complimentary VIP pass to attend all the events. Supporters and fans can purchase tickets at

Wall to Wall, a Warner Brothers Company, is casting families wanting to embark on a fun immersive historical journey for a major American Network. They are looking for family units from all kinds with different backgrounds, and diverse interests.

Filming will take place next summer, where the families will live as their forefathers did before them, giving up modern comforts, overcoming the challenges of the past and taking on the beautiful American wilderness.

Have you and your family got what it takes to overcome the challenges of the past? Could you survive for months on end in the beautiful but unforgiving American wilderness?

For more information and how to apply, go to:

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is currently accepting applications for grant funding through the American Rescue Plan. These funds are intended to help support jobs in the arts sector, keep the doors open to arts organizations, and help the creative community respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Arts and culture organizations of all sizes are encouraged to apply, including those that have never previously received federal support.

The NEA has recently launched a new page with technical resources for applicants and have also scheduled a series of free virtual Q&A sessions for anyone with questions about the application process.

Please note that the deadline to apply for these federal funding opportunities is Thursday, August 12, 2021.

We have just launched a new short film festival for the end of this year, the Autumn's Dawn Short Film Festival.

We're now accepting submissions for any and all short films, with a $20 entrance fee. The festival offers the chance to show off your film after incubating during the pandemic, Q&As with industry professionals, and catered food and beverages.

Did you make a movie that you’re having some trouble submitting to film festivals? A dark comedy that’s too intense for your average comedy festival? A brutal horror whose gore factor isn’t high enough? Some genre blend that makes it difficult to market? Well, we want to see it! Got a horror romance? A grindhouse film noir? A hard-R-rated parody of Teletubbies? All that and more is welcome at Autumn’s Dawn Short Film Festival.

While we will give special consideration and preference to films that are what you would consider “tough sells,” we also just enjoy any movie that’s good. So, don’t worry; if you’re nervous that your movie isn’t “weird” enough for this festival, we can assure you that it is.

If you have a film to submit or would like more info, click the link below and tell your friends!

Blast! Films is casting a show for a major US network that follows the lives of overlanders.

  • Are you traveling America in a 4x4, RV, truck, bus, or van?
  • Are you migrating across America searching for artifacts and treasures?
  • Or maybe you are designing and selling your clothing line from the back of your truck?

Blast! Films is casting across America for experienced nomadic truck-loving off-roading adventurers and their wheeled tiny homes for a major U.S. Network! This exciting new tv show will feature seasoned adventurers who are currently or about to embark on a life on the open road. Capturing the off-beat and extraordinary situations unique to you and your truck.

If you are a trucking pioneer and turned their back on suburban living, making money on the road and traveled to where very few have ventured before; we want to hear from you!


Questions to: Instagram: @CharlieCasting | Twitter: @ChannelCasting

IF/Then Shorts (an initiative of Field of Vision) in partnership with Hulu Documentary Films calls short-documentary filmmakers based in North America to take part in the Inaugural IF/Then x Hulu Short Documentary Lab. This lab will channel Hulu and IF/Then’s shared vision of creating a new pipeline of diverse talent and incubating strong voices who will be the next class of non-fiction storytellers.

Four filmmaking teams will be chosen to participate in a one-year lab focused on short-documentary production and career training. Filmmakers will be individually mentored through production by IF/Then staff and take part in monthly virtual cohort trainings, consisting of keynotes from industry heavy-hitters and edit consultations. Filmmakers will be invited to debut their works-in-progress to an invitation-only audience, and receive high-level festival and distribution strategy consultations, along with guidance creating their publicity materials, and pro-bono legal support. Each team will receive a $25,000 grant to use for the production of their film. Hulu will have the right to review the projects for potential acquisition or further development.

This opportunity will be open to individuals living in/from North America, with an emphasis on black and/or Indigenous filmmakers, people of color, women, LGBTQ+, recent immigrants, and individuals who identify as having a disability. We will welcome any and all stories from underrepresented voices, with a strong preference around subjects related to gender, the LGTBQ community or issues unique to the BIPOC community.

Applications are now open and will close when we reach max capacity.
For more information on how to apply:

Are you a fearless filmmaker with a story-driven short  #doc? Up to $25k, yearlong mentorship, industry consults and more await #nonfiction  #filmmakers  in the first ever @IFThenShorts x @hulu Short Documentary Lab! Apply now:

After successfully holding online competition and awards in 2020,

New Jersey Indian And International Film Festival’s (NJIIFF) Call for Entries Open & Currently accepting submission for 2021, Festival Dates are October 22,23,24, 2021.

Please submit your film by clicking the below link,

Again this year New Jersey Film Makers & Student Film Makers has very special discounted rates, kindly look at the link above.

Please forward this email to all film makers across the globe.



Hemant M. Pandya
+1 954 830 0906


THOMAS A. EDISON MEDIA ARTS CONSORTIUM Thomas Edison Film Festival Celebrating our 40th anniversary of “fueling the independent spirit since 1981” PO Box 3426, Hoboken, NJ 07030

December 2020

Dear Friend of the Festival:

I welcome this opportunity to express my personal thanks for your many generous contributions over the years to the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium. Your loyal support means everything to us, especially in these challenging times. It has been a difficult year for all – from our frontline workers in hospitals, food service, and transportation, to those in the arts – musicians, dancers, visual artists, and yes, filmmakers. But many good things have emerged along the way.

As many of you know, the Festival was founded in 1981 and is named for Thomas Edison’s West Orange, NJ, film studio, whose resemblance to the familiar black-box shaped police paddy wagons sparked the nickname “Black Maria.” Although the history behind the name is rich and interesting on many levels, many folks did not make the connection with the festival’s name and the extraordinary achievements of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the motion picture camera and the kinetoscope.

If there was ever a moment to make a positive and thoughtful change it is certainly now. I am proud to announce to you that we plan to launch a re-branding of the festival in honor of our 40th anniversary. Our relationship to Mr. Edison’s invention of the motion picture and his experimentation with the short film is at the core of all of our projects and we are excited to have the opportunity to express the festival’s mission by honoring his name.

Perhaps most importantly, we launched a virtual film festival on April 6th, 2020 - showcasing our award-winning short films from the 2020 season and archive. Filmmakers from all over the world, who have been festival award-winners agreed to have their films screened for free – no strings attached – for as long as the pandemic lasts. Creating this on-line festival for the public was an enormous undertaking. Consortium board members and volunteers donated their time and talent to make it happen including curatorial, legal, technical, and social media services. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please go to, click on Virtual Festival, and start watching!

Thanks to donations from lovers of film like you, we have been able to "pay it forward" by supporting the filmmakers whose important work we present and continuing to reach out to underserved audiences “virtually” across the country and abroad. All of the film programming presented on our website throughout 2020 was offered for free to the public. Since we were unable to continue our in-person programming we made the decision to offer our films at no cost to uplift morale and fulfill our mission to bring independent films to people no matter where they live. We are dedicated to making a difference with programs that “fuel the independent spirit” which is why we need your help.

In past years I have written that, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” This is true now more than ever. Your donation, no matter how modest, will bring us closer to our goal of continuing the legacy of the Thomas Edison Film Festival, and all of the other worthy projects we support. In honor of the Thomas Edison Film Festival’s 40th Anniversary in 2021, please consider a tax-deductible donation of whatever you can afford. We will be proud to acknowledge your support in our 40th Anniversary Program Booklet which will be available on-line and by request this year via mail due to the pandemic.

To donate, please send your tax-deductible check to the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium, PO Box 3426, Hoboken, NJ 07030, or visit our website:, click on DONATE at the top of our homepage on the far right, then click on the yellow DONATE button to use PayPal.

Let's keep the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium and all of its worthy projects sustainable and vibrant! Please support the Thomas Edison Film Festival, NJ Young Filmmakers, and our Global Insights Collection today.

My warmest regards and sincere thanks,

Jane Steuerwald, Executive Director, Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium Thomas Edison Film Festival, New Jersey Young Filmmakers Festival, Global Insights Collection

Donation Renewal

To renew your support for the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium, and its projects including the Thomas Edison Film Festival, the NJ Young Filmmakers’ Festival, and the Global Insights Collection, please check one of donation levels listed below, or fill in any amount you wish under “Personal Donation.” A return envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

The address listed below is your:
Home _____

City, State, Zip:

Please indicate the level of contribution you prefer:
_____ Bronze Supporter 2021 - $40
_____Silver Supporter 2021 - $100
_____Gold Supporter 2021 - $400
_____Platinum Supporter 2021 - $1,000
_____Personal Donation (amount) _____________

Please share your email address so we can keep you informed of special events, filmmaker talks, and screenings. Your personal information WILL NEVER be shared.


Thank you for your support of the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium!


Danish Renzu’s THE ILLEGAL and Seema Desai’s TINDEY win big at the 3rd New Jersey Indian and International Film Festival, organized by Indian arts and Culture Corp.

Archana Pradeep and Pratik Gandhi Win best Actors in Feature Films Ashwini Kalsekar and Joseph Lloyd Lopez win best actors in short film section.

The Third edition of the New Jersey Indian International Film Festival (NJIIFF), was held virtually with screening of films via online platform MovieSaints. With a large number of audience watching it online across the globe, the closing and award ceremony took place live.

The three day festival that screened about 40 films from different cultures, countries including short, feature and documentary had some interesting winners.

In the shortfilm section actor Joseph Lloyd Lopez won for his performance in AMERICAN HATE and Ashwini Kalsekar of Golmaal fame for her stunning performance in the film TINDEY.

Deepak Reddy was awarded the best director for his short film MANASANAMAHA. The film deals with the subject of A Young man muses on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) and Seeta (Winter). Filmmaker Seema Desai’s TINDEY won best short film award at the festival.

THE ILLEGAL directed by Danish Renzu won two awards at the festival. Danish was awarded the best director for the film and THE ILLEGAL won BEST FILM award too. Archana Pradeep won the best female actor for Malayam film in KATHAAH@8, from Singapore, which is probably the first anthology of its kind - 8 films in 8 (Indian regional) languages. and Pratik Gandhi win best male actors for his Gujarati Feature Film DHUNKI.

Two entires from IRAN had their share of win, EVEN AN HOUR LATER won best short of short film award and THE OTHER won Best of Best Films Award (Festival’s Choice).

Other winners at festival are from films PIED PIPER, KAANBHATT and THE CHERNOBYL SAGA- IRISH BUTTER CASE OF INDIA won best documentary film award.

Festival Director Hemant Pandya was very overwhelmed by the kind of support he got from the filmmakers who participated in the festival. He said, “2020 was very tough, due to pandemic situation we had to postponed our film festival twice, finally we took decision to do it online, and with help of MovieSaints we were able to pulpit though”. He added “I am going to make sure that NJIIFF will get bigger and even better with each passing year. I am thankful to all the filmmakers, the people of New Jersey, media supporters, Mana TV International, Radio Zindagi, Vista India Digital Media and my sponsors for supporting the festival.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 29, 2020

COVID Can’t Stop One Actor and Filmmaker in NJ: B.Lee Productions Opens New Studio

NUTLEY, NJ – NJ-based actor and executive producer, Brittney Lee Hamilton, opened THE STUDIO at B.Lee Productions this past weekend to help bolster the suffering arts community during the pandemic.

THE STUDIO at B.Lee Productions is a creative oasis in the heart of Nutley, NJ (just 13 miles from Manhattan), offering film and theatre production services, private voice/acting lessons, small group classes, self-tape audition sessions, intimate live events, and private screenings.

With so many actors and creatives leaving NYC for the cheaper rents in NJ, Brittney Lee Hamilton is hoping to offer her community a haven to coach and tape their auditions, perform for a small audience, and keep their creative juices flowing.

Brittney's short film, #PrincessProblems, has won a multitude of awards as it makes its way through the festival circuit. Most festivals have gone virtual due to the pandemic, which creates an obstacle to the necessary networking opportunities they provide. This led Brittney to blaze her own trail and move forward with opening THE STUDIO to cement her place in the NJ film community and eventually pitch #PrincessProblems as a TV series.

As an acting and vocal coach, Brittney has a strong following of child and teen students in the area, some of whom she even cast in #PrincessProblems. "There are so many theatre programs for children in NJ, but not many TV/Film programs for kids as young as 6. At THE STUDIO, I can offer extensive acting (for TV, Theatre, Musical Theatre, & Voiceovers) and film production training at a young age to cultivate the children's talents and appreciation for the arts early in their lives."

Safety is the number one priority at THE STUDIO. By keeping the classes small, safety guidelines can be easily enforced, while allowing the kids to engage with their peers in a creative setting. For more information, visit, and

Heather Buckley announced that after Dread Central posted an article introducing her newly minted inclusive horror studio, Black Mansion Films, its first campaign on GoFundMe met the funding goal within a mere five hours.

Buckley stated, “We saw this massive outpouring of support from the horror community. It was an undeniable endorsement that people want stories told from new perspectives.” In fact, nearly 3x the original goal was raised in four days.

Major contributors included Tara Ansley, co-owner of FANGORIA magazine, who wrote, “Women In Horror. Fund Women.” Some contributors, such as actress Kristina Arntz, returned to donate multiple times, as funding doubled and then tripled. Producer David Tripet added, “I believe in Heather, and I want to see more genre films made by women and minorities. I can’t wait to see what she and her team create!”

The funds raised will be used for early development, specifically to package the film INSIDE from Writer/Director Elise Salomon, which has already attracted significant interest. Buckley plans to keep the funding campaign open for the next stage of development, and you can check it out here.

About Black Mansion Films
An inclusive film studio founded in 2020, Black Mansion has a meticulously curated slate of character-driven narrative features and television projects, all in the elevated genre space with timely themes. The Black Mansion slate is repped at WPA by Partner, Brian Goldberg. Founder and CEO, Heather Buckley, has been involved with the genre film community for over 20 years. As a journalist, she has written for Fangoria Magazine and Her production credits include The Ranger and Blood & Flesh, The Reel Life, and Ghastly Death of Al Adamson as well as over 175 short-form documentary interviews with prominent actors and directors in the genre space for physical media.

Media Contact
Adina Eaton | 201.736.5745 |

A corporate video production company is seeking a Covid compliance officer to work out of our studio in Fairfield, NJ.

Duties include:

  • Monitoring all office and studio areas to ensure safety measures are being met by employees, crew, & clients (maintaining social distance, wearing masks when not on camera, etc.)
  • Providing up-to-date documentation on Covid certification
  • Ensuring adequate PPE is provided around various office areas

Must be able to self-report to Fairfield, NJ. Please send resumes, rate, and certification to

Kearny, NJ, 08.24.2020 — Palisade Stages is the latest sound stage construction in New Jersey. The facility is located within Kearny Point Industrial Park in Kearny, NJ, a multi-use redevelopment project owned by Hugo Neu Corp. The site benefits from its close proximity to New York City, Newark International Airport and major road networks.

The Palisade Stages will rival those in the Tri-State region, and help meet demand for more TV and film production space in NJ, taking advantage of the Tax-Credit Program reinstituted by Governor Murphy last year. While activity was brought to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the thirst for content has been insatiable as networks and streaming services are keen to get working again to meet this demand.

“Finding adequate facilities has always been challenging. Once guidelines are agreed upon to begin filming, we believe the competition will be even more intense because of the limited number of sound stages in NJ,” said Jamie Payne, President of Palisade Stages.

The studio, just four miles from NYC, will have an expansive lighting grid and industry standard sound mitigation design within a 29.5 thousand square foot space with 32-foot high ceilings. “We envisage this initial space to be the beginning of a long-term relationship with Hugo Neu Corp. with the intent to expand in the sprawling development,” said Payne.

In addition, Kearny Point currently has ancillary and office space available for productions of all sizes, offering double-height ceilings with large windows and state of the art hospital-grade HVAC filtration system.

Palisade Stages • (o) 201.881.9541 • (e)

Gemstone Studios, an independent television production studio label under Sony Pictures Television Studios is proud to be launching a new program focused on amplifying diverse voices with the winner inking a highly coveted development deal with our studio! Rising Storytellers Search is casting the net far and wide in hopes of inspiring as many unheard voices as possible to participate.

Storytelling as an artform unites us and liberates us – and never have we craved the human connections and sense of community stories to promote more than right now. In an effort to spark emerging voices from underrepresented creative communities across the country, Gemstone Studios’ pilot program is calling out for creators to share their stories at a time we need them most.

Launching August 12 at Geena Davis’ Bentonville Film Festival with a panel of distinctive female pioneers in the creative space, RISING STORYTELLER SEARCH is a three month campaign designed to source and elevate diverse creators with authentic, bold, and undeniable voices.

Submissions will be self-taped and submitted via then four breakout finalists will be paired with studio mentors to pitch their concept to a panel of industry judges.

The winner will be offered a development deal with GEMSTONE STUDIOS, a Sony Pictures Company, worth $30,000 and the chance to work with industry creatives dedicated to developing their story!

The creator of the winning proposal will also be offered a Sony Alpha Camera Body, Model a7S III, lenses, other camera equipment and access to Sony DMPC technical-virtual training.

In addition, the three finalists will each receive a Sony Alpha Camera Body, Model a7 III as well as other items. The winner and the finalists will also receive a 24-month subscription to Celtx Video Production Studio Software with personalized instruction and training, as well as Josefinas products.

Contact: Michelle Baxter-Schaffer
May 19, 2020

New Jersey State Council on the Arts Announces CARES Act Funds for Arts Organizations Federal Funds Help Support Nonprofit Arts Industry Statewide Impacted by COVID-19

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts will distribute $492,700 in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds to help preserve jobs and stabilize arts organizations statewide. The announcement was made at the Arts Council's public meeting held virtually earlier today.

"My office is working closely with the Council board and staff to understand the ongoing impact of the crisis on the arts," said Secretary of State Tahesha Way. "With the release of these federal CARES Act funds, the Council continues its dedication to providing impactful and thoughtful service to New Jersey's arts sector. The Council is grateful to the Murphy Administration for recognizing that art matters in New Jersey, and for the inclusion of the arts as we look to the future and develop strategies to reopen and rebuild."

"The nonprofit arts industry, like so many others, is reeling from the financial and societal impacts of the current crisis," said Council Chair Elizabeth Mattson. "Health and safety remain the highest priorities as organizations that exist to bring people together, attempt to adapt to restrictions, cancelations, layoffs, refunds and mounting expenses. The innovation we've seen from artists and arts organizations speaks volumes about the resiliency to come. And while their creativity may know no limits, these community anchors need support now to be able to weather this storm and survive."

Council Executive Director Allison Tratner remarked, "This CARES Act funding comes at a critical time, and we are grateful the federal government continues to include the arts sector in strategies for recovery. With our partners at the National Endowment for the Arts we will continue to work to get resources out the door quickly. The financial need is tremendous, and our goal is to provide meaningful relief for as many organizations as is responsibly possible."

Last month, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded nearly $30 million in CARES Act funds to the nation's states and territories to ensure broad distribution throughout the country. The Endowment instructed State Arts Agencies, like the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, to regrant the funds to help arts organizations endure the economic hardships caused by the forced closure of their operations due to the spread of COVID-19.

As an essential part of our state's economy and overall quality of life, New Jersey's arts sector, when it is stable and thriving, employs thousands of people, engages millions, and provides irreplaceable value for communities, families, residents and visitors.

The Council has identified nearly 60 nonprofit arts organizations and 21 County Arts Agencies as eligible to receive the CARES Act funds. This swift and strategic distribution will ensure the funds reach organizations of varying sizes, touching communities throughout the state. View the list of organizations and county arts agencies here.

Chair Mattson expressed gratitude for the Murphy Administration's ongoing, clear guidance and support. She commended essential workers and pointed to the 24/7 resources for health and safety available at thanks to the thousands of public service sector professionals.

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts, created in 1966, is a division of the NJ Department of State. The Council was established to encourage and foster public interest in the arts; enlarge public and private resources devoted to the arts; promote freedom of expression in the arts; and facilitate the inclusion of art in every public building in New Jersey. The Council receives direct appropriations from the State of New Jersey through a dedicated, renewable Hotel/Motel Occupancy fee, as well as competitive grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. To learn more about the Council, please visit

NJ State Council on the Arts, 33 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608

The Commissioners and Staff of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission extend our sympathy to the family of Governor Brendan Byrne, who passed away on January 4th. Our Commission was created in 1977 under Governor Byrne’s leadership, thanks to his remarkable vision, and with his unwavering support. Governor Byrne’s wisdom, knowledge and wonderful sense of humor will be greatly missed. His many accomplishments, including the establishment of the NJMPTVC, have improved the state in ways that are immeasurable.




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