The New Economy Demands Skills Learned Through the Arts

"The arts develop skills and habits of mind that are important for workers in the new economy of ideas."

Alan Greenspan, Former US Federal Reserve Chairman

NJ Arts Curriculum Teaches 21st Century Skills

"As the state of New Jersey works to transform public education to meet the needs of a changing world and the 21st century workforce, capitalizing on the unique ability of the arts to unleash creativity and innovation in our students is critical for success."

New Jersey Department of Education,
2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

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The Arts are Vital in Attracting Businesses,
Sustaining Jobs and Preparing the Workforce

  • The arts create communities with high appeal to residents, businesses, and tourists. Governors increasingly recognize the importance of the creative sector to their states' economy and ability to compete in the global marketplace. Arts and the Economy, National Governor's Association Center for Best Practices
  • U.S. employers rate creativity and innovation among the top five skills that will increase in importance over the next five years. Ready to Innovate, the Conference Board

National leaders recognized the arts as a vital employment sector this past year and included funds to support jobs in the arts in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The NJ State Council on the Arts partnered with the National Endowment for the Arts to strategically distribute those funds to create and preserve jobs in the arts in New Jersey. The Council also focuses on job development through its ongoing grant programs including the Southern NJ Staffing Initiative and the Local Arts Staffing Initiative. Both provide multi-year support to organizations for the creation, expansion and sustainability of professional personnel that increase the capacity to serve their communities and build a brighter tomorrow.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker speaks with GlassRoots' student artist Daliswan

Newark Mayor Cory Booker speaks with GlassRoots' student artist Daliswan

Specifically designed for at-risk youth, the GlassRoots program in Newark has provided nearly 4,000 students with opportunities to develop entrepreneurial and life skills through the business of glass art - both as artists and managers - since 2001. Working with hot glass requires numerous high-level skills including self confidence, discipline, respect, trust and the ability to work creatively as part of a team. Managing the business of GlassRoots means developing skills in web design, e-commerce, gallery management, event management, developing new business opportunities, and more. Each component of the GlassRoots program is designed to allow students to test their interests in areas that could develop into academic or career paths, helping them become self-motivated and armed with employable skills for the future.

Learn More About the Role of the Arts
In Job Development

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Research-Based Communications Toolkit: Part I. The Arts and the Creative Workforce, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

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