The Arts Support Creativity and Innovation

"The arts are a natural component to furthering this Administration's commitment to creating more livable, walkable, environmentally sustainable communities. They can play a key role as a partner that is able to enhance the unique characteristics of communities and increase our economic competitiveness through supporting creativity and innovation."

Shaun Donovan, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Arts are Integral to Sustainability

"The arts are integral to our sustainability efforts in Woodbridge. The arts help us raise awareness and educate residents about Greenable Woodbridge. The arts increase our quality of life, which helps to attract and sustain businesses, engage residents and bring diverse groups together."

Mayor John E. McCormac, Woodbridge Township

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The Arts are Vital to Creating
Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Jersey has recognized the arts as a key component to a sustainable future. The three pillars of sustainability are people, prosperity and planet. Arts organizations and artists all over New Jersey contribute to them all.

What the Arts can do for Prosperity:
-Create a culture of creativity and innovation
-Build a creative workforce
-Contribute to the economy and quality of life

What the Arts can do for People:
-Provide a platform for individual and community expression
-Bring diverse groups together as equals
-Increase civic engagement

What the Arts can do for the Planet:
-Educate about the environment through the arts
-Reduce carbon footprint of arts events, festivals and exhibitions
-Make change to more sustainable lifestyles FUN!

Perkins Center for the Arts Mural Program created,

Perkins Center for the Arts Mural Program created, "We Shall Rise," at waterfront South in Camden. Artist: Cesar Viveros

Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood and Moorestown, a grantee of the NJ State Council on the Arts, is a great example of an arts organization sustaining its community in multiple ways. The Collingswood location has a farmer's market adjacent to the facility and when the market is open, the gallery is open and classes and concerts are offered. Working with Rutgers Agricultural Extension Service, Perkins/Moorestown has set a community example by developing a rain garden on its property. The Camden County Prosecutor's Office Anti-Graffitti program is a partner with the successful Perkins Mural Program.

Both mural and community garden projects are designed to generate community interest, engagement and ultimately, pride. Perkins out-of-school arts program explores personal and societal issues such as culture, identity, self-reliance, self empowerment and alternatives to violence.

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