Department of Community Affairs (DCA)


The Department of Community Affairs' (DCA) organizational purpose is perhaps the broadest of all the executive agencies. It functions in a variety of ways to help communities to be safe, healthy, economically viable and attractive to residents and visitors alike. The Department offers its resources to local officials, non-profit community organizations, businesses and individuals and responds to all 565 municipalities when asked to help them contend with the mandates of change that are critical to sustaining and improving the quality of life in the state.

DCA delivers administrative guidance, financial support, technical assistance, and other services to address ongoing issues of public concern including fire and building safety, housing assistance, community planning and development, and local government management and finance.


The Department will report key performance indicators across the following Core Missions:

  1. Building Safety
  2. Community Development
  3. Community Resources
  4. Housing Assistance
  5. Local Government




More Information

Please visit the Department of Community Affairs website at for additional information.